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The FEAR FACTOR of nurses wearing religious uniforms will eat away at patients and the whole population.

Sue M
Group Organizer
London, GB
While atheists are being forced into meaningless bickering - all our media can think of is whether Muslim nurses should be allowed to put their beliefs - that it is necessary to wear flowing black gowns or worse,  full face covering when looking after patients. Floating round looking like zombies , putting their own personal views before those of some patients, religious or not, especially elderly people who find it difficult to understand strong accents even without a face covering is simply unacceptable. It is selfish and overbearing.

They are also a hazard in the clinical situation where clothing needs to be consistent with infection control issues as well as a calm and confident atmosphere without any patients having any thought as to their feelings of hostility to those caring for them while wearing what is in effect a uniform that declares their highest priority - over and above the job they are being paid to do.
If all they want is to be anonymous, why not just give them surgical masks and gowns, but the fear factor for patients of other religions and none  is still there.
Atheists must become active or in twenty years we will be living in a Muslim state.
Katherine M
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London, GB
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I don't like the idea of banning anything, it makes me extremely uncomfortable to force my views or values or anyone.

Having said that I have some experience of vulnerable and older people in hospitals. All 4 of my grandparents found hearing difficult in their 90s and relied on lip reading and extremely clear face to face communication (which wasn't always great anyway) to understand what was happening to them and to get a full picture of their care. If a persons face was covered entirely then this would have been completely impossible for 2 of them and a challenge for the 2 others.

I am not sure patient care should come second to the belief of staff members. There are professions where face to face communication isn't as critical, but nursing isn't one of them. As a relatively healthy person in my mid thirties with ok hearing I am sure that my care would be the same regardless of dress, but t the reality for many in hospital communication is already very tough.

I don't agree with the email response that say that those who have these concerns are racist or oppressors. It's too simplistic to argue that my grandparents were racist or tried to oppress women for not being able to understand someone without seeing their mouth. Many of the other older people (hospitals are full of them) I met were in the exactly same position.

There are practical impingements that are challenging to get round and could prove impossible in some circumstances.

I wonder how much of an issue this actually is. I worked in a hospital in Whitechapel for 2 years in London and did not once see a nurse with her face covered.
fahd c.
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London, GB
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Even though, I am an atheist. My mother is a Muslim and a Doctor. She doesn't wear "religious" clothing (ie Niqab, Hijab, Burqa). She werars western clothing. During my lifetime, Ive met many Muslim women, the majority of who wear western clothing, very few wore even the hijab. In fact, ive never spoken to a woman who wears the Niqab or Burqa. Very few Muslim women cover their faces in public. For that reason, I look at it as more of a cultural thing then religious.

I am totally in favour of banning face covering by staff in hospitals for reasons of security and not making patients uncomfortable. Patients need to be put in as comfortable environment as possible and certainly shouldn't fear hospital staff or be stressed by them.

Most Muslims Ive spoken to (including my mum and dad when he was alive) hate the Burqa and Niqab. So, I don't see anything that could stop a ban.

As a person who has studied women's human rights and values the empowerment of women, the Burqa and Niqab makes me feel very uneasy. Some women may choose to wear this, but I feel many are forced to wear this either out of family pressure or by their husbands.

On a side note
I was raised in America where religion plays a huge part in politics. For example, President Bush would not have won 2 terms in office if it wasn't for the support of religious christians and christian groups like the Christian Coalition of America. I like the fact that Europe tends to be more secular then America. As a secularist myself, I believe it is highly important to make sure religion stays in churches, mosques, synagogues etc and in peoples homes and not in government, hospitals, schools. Freedom of religion like all freedoms should have some limits.

Less religion in the public sphere will aid women's empowerment
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