How to become an organiser

If you would like to become an organiser for London Cinema Meetup events please send an e-mail to Mark, including details such as which cinemas or film types interest you. We would like this group to include a range of film styles at different cinemas in central London.

As an organiser you will be expected to do the following:
- To set up the event as early as possible (ideally a week or more in advance)
- To create the meetup description in a consistent format (with clear information about the film and meeting place/time)
- To be at the cinema on time, at least 15 minutes before the film's advertised start time
- To be easy to find at the meetup place, by holding a sign or wearing/carrying something obvious), having a clear photo of their face in your meetup profile, and by giving your mobile phone number to all those who say they will attend (ideally in the event description)
- To collect a £1 meetup fee from attendees (you can keep this money or decide what to do with it). The meetup fee is there primarily as a sign of appreciation of the effort the organiser has made
- To coordinate a pre-film or post-film social event each time, so that members can meet and chat. There should be a clearly stated place to meet after the film
- To provide a friendly welcome to all of the other members who attend
- To support the efforts of the other organisers of this meetup

As the overall organiser (and the one who pays the monthly meetup charge), Mark will decide who is given assistant organiser or event organiser status and may change this status at any time. Basically:
- an Assistant Organiser is a regularly active organiser and, together with the Organiser and Co-organiser, helps to develop the group
- an Event Organiser occasionally organises events - this status allows you to set up events by yourself (a new organiser will be set up initially as an Event Organiser)
- if you are organising a one-off event then one of the main organisers will set the event up for you and you will be shown as the organiser just for that event

It is possible for organisers may lose their status (or possibly membership of the group) for reasons such as:
- receiving poor feedback from attendees, eg by not showing up on time
- creating conflicts with other organisers or group members
- using their position inappropriately, eg to promote a different cinema group

As we organise lots of events, we ask Assistant Organisers and Event Organisers only to send new event notifications, automatic reminder messages or messages to people coming to one of their events. Please avoid generating too many other messages as these can prove to be irritating for members - ask the Organiser or Co-organiser if you want something else communicated to the whole membership of the group.

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