Scott C.
Group Organizer
Longmont, CO
Agenda for General Meeting:  7.9.13

Board Elections
We need to elect 2 board members.  Has everyone interested in being on the board put their name up on the Google Group Discussion on this topic?  If not, please do so.  Also, please show up Tuesday so you can say a few words to the group about your interest.
Space Update
We have insurance (got it knocked down to $408).  I'm meeting with the Mall manager tomorrow at 1:30am to sign the lease.  We do not get immediate possession (headquarters has to process the lease first) but I'm hoping for a key before the end of the week.
Also, Steve Heising has a proposal to 'share' the space with the Citizen for Clean Energy that might cover the rent at the Mall.  It's not an offer (he needs to talk to his non profit board about it first) but it's a possible scenario.  I'd like to know what you folks think of the idea.  We'll talk more about it at the meeting.
It's time to talk about funding options
As we all know, this stuff costs money (not alot, but still, some).  I fronted $2K to the checking account to cover what was needed to get the space rent/deposit/insurance paid for, but we, as a group, need to cover that (and a minimum... the monthly nut of, currently, a flat $500 and internet access of about $80).  Here's an idea I'd like to propose.  "Levels" of sponsorship:
A Founder Level
Those that can throw in $300 (or more), we'll give the designation as "Founders".  They'll forever be listed on the website as Founders (in the about section) of TinkerMill.  Something interesting you can put on (and link to) in your LinkedIn profile or resume tomorrow or 10 years from now.
Ideally, I'd love to see 20 people do that.  That would give us money to really get this off the ground reasonably quickly.
10 would be OK to good.
6 is the minimum we need just to cover the initial setup costs.
A Founding Member Level
Those that can throw in $100-250 (instead of the standard $50 a mo we agreed to before for membership) get the designation of Founding Member.  Same deal.  But not at the top level of the about page (a link to another page instead).
Regular Members
Folks that are only comfortable covering the monthly membership cost for student/regular/family-$25/50/75, for whatever reason.
Of course, we'll still have standard member fee's due each month from everyone (including founders and founding members) who wants access to the space (defined as:  A key for 24/7 access).  ($25/50/75).

Business sponsorships are also a potential, but it's better if we get this going under our own steam first.
OR if you have better ideas.. let's hear them Tuesday night.  Basically we need $1500-ish to move in.  $1500-ish to apply for 501(c)3 status and $600-ish a month to pay the rent/internet bill.

As usual, if you have other items you'd like to cover in the agenda, shoot me an email ( or post them on the Google Groups board: Agenda Thread (top item).
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Our Sponsors

  • Brad Feld andAmy Batchelor

    $5000 sponsorship level.

  • Sketchup

    $500 sponsorship level.

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