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I have a young silkie about 6 months old... she has no meat at all on her breast bone and no food (in the evening) in her crop like the other one has... CAN ANYONE TELL ME WHAT TO DO FOR HER??? other than a $$$$ visit to the vet...
Amanda G
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Los Angeles, CA
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Is she your only silkie?? If so is she the lowest on the pecking order?? I'd put a few feeding stations to make sure she can get to the food without being harassed.... I'd also offer her some of her own treats to try and fatten her up. Scrambled egg, yogurt, sunflower seeds, meat... I have had that same worry over some of my silkies ... Hopefully that will help and she will start to put on some weight.
Laura B.
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great ideas and suggestions from Amanda. I totally agree...

Also, it may not apply here, but sometimes they do eat but are not absorbing the nutrients due to parasites or things like that. So, in addition to what Amanda is suggesting, I would also add probiotics to her diet. As a preventive measure, you can mix garlic, brewer's yeast, and/or turmeric to their lay mash... these things kill parasites... raw carrots and papaya seeds are also known to kill parasites... and of course, yogurt is a good source of probiotics.

I would also follow the thread on fermented foods. I'm really getting into understanding all of that, and makes total sense that if we keep our (and theirs) intestines clean and healthy, we would probably enjoy more health...

Also, I have seen it happen to my hens, when they are sick, not feeling well, you may not see any symptoms, except they are not eating... So try and see what is she into, and let her eat lots of that particular food. I tend to go with nature and trust that they know what to eat to heal themselves... sometimes they want lots and lots of yogurt OR sometimes it's sunflower seeds... I find it very interesting to see what they want and what they reject as they heal...

Lastly and I hope this is not her case - my I'm experiencing with one of my girls - if they develop a tumor in their tummy area (below the beast bone), where it's supposed to be 'empty' 'hollow'... if you feel a lump/ mine has a huge lump (and a couple of years ago lost one with a huge lump there too) --- they eat little, their crop is very empty, because they feel full...

so, let's hope it's just that she is on a lower pecking order and not getting to eat for that reason :)

let us know, keep us posted,

Amanda G
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Ive been fermenting my feed for a month now and my silkies have put on some weight :)
I didn't go there as I thought if give basic steps .... But since you did Laura I have learned so much from reading that thread!! And from what I am seeing they do eat less and get more out of it. Fermenting really doesn't add more the a few mins to feed prep.

Sunland, CA
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Amanda, I LOVE to hear you are having success with fermenting! I think we are in the process of setting up a fermenting MeetUp (and it looks like I may be hosting) so I hope you will come and share your experiences!
In the meantime, would you be willing to do a "photo journal" and post the pix to this site? I've asked a couple people who have a system in place to do so in previous threads and so far no one has :0(
I can process visual info MUCH better than written.
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