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Los Angeles Urban Chicken Enthusiasts Message Board › Disappointing necropsy and note of caution. Be somewhat wary of local breeders.

Disappointing necropsy and note of caution. Be somewhat wary of local breeders.

Brandi G
user 48566262
Pasadena, CA
Post #: 247
I checked individual poops today, there are some worms. I'm going chemical. Safeguard? Is that Valbazen? I know there is another one. These are roundworms, according to UCDavis.

As far as antibiotics go, Baytril for respiratory infections, right? I have noticed a little sneezing or whatever. Maybe because of all the other crap going around in my leper colony, that took hold also.

I just don't know if it's overkill to do it all at once or if I should hold off and do it one at a time?
Amanda, Cynthia, what do you think?

I've got Little in the dark box inside resting. Hoping she's ok. Butterscotch's comb is reddening up after the frontline dose yesterday and the couple of days of Corrid. Now if we can get rid of the puffy eyes...

P.S. maybe I should just burn the coop down and start over :(
I'm really wanting to go "nuclear" at this point. So frustrated. I just want them all to feel better.
Susan J.
Los Angeles, CA
Post #: 95
Hi Brandi, omg I'm so sorry to hear you're going through this, what a total nightmare! Yes, I would say be 100% wary of such backyard breeders as you've described, who keep "hordes" and who have arrogant know-it-all dispositions (can be a red flag in personality), and who have very dirty animal housing, for any reason. If they have too many animals, that's no excuse. They shouldn't have allowed that many birds to hatch. It's either greed, or the unstable mind of a horder-type personality who are completely clueless about how ill their animals are and taking no self responsibility. If you're comfortable, can we please post names of sketchy places to avoid?! or cities they live in and sell from?

Omg, now I'm paranoid!! I will be using a bleach tub from now on if I have any more MeetUps, thanks to Tad Smith's urging that I take this precaution. Yes, very wise and safe idea! What is "cocci"? "corrid"? "gapeworm"?
Brandi G
user 48566262
Pasadena, CA
Post #: 249

Cocci is Coccidiosis and Corrid (amprolium) is the medication to treat it. I don't have experience with gape worm. Round worms are the small intestinal worms that vets usually use cat/dog wormers on. Marek's is a death sentence. It's a herpes virus that is a permanent issue that stays with your flock and on your land indefinitely. It's passed through dander and the virus becomes airborne and can travel miles. It's a bad thing.

The breeder that started this was in Orange County. She's left the country, so no worries on getting anything from her again. I just screwed myself by trusting her. Live and learn, I guess.

I do need a recommendation on respiratory antibiotics and the best wormer for chickens. I'm going into damage control mode now.
Amanda G
user 12128708
Los Angeles, CA
Post #: 215
Brandi no no no to the baytril!! An avian vet gave it to a hen of mine a year ago.... Well 2 other vets and others in their office have said if you give your hens baytril you can never eat the eggs again. Apparently it makes drug resistant super bacteria and as its close to a drug we use,we won't be able to fight off these diseases. Something like that.... One vet in the office went as far to say you should not eat the eggs from any chicken who has come into contact with a hen given baytril. I called the specialist and informed them.... His office seemed clueless.

Tylan 50 injectable .... The vet gave Caesar that but after 2 shots switched her to bactrim as the injections cause necrosis of the muscle and she didn't like to give too many shots. The amount you give is based on weight ... People have suggested amounts on byc it's somewhere b/w .3-.5ccs?? . I do have to say giving hens pills can be tricky business!

Valbazen is the rolls Royce of wormers from what I've read .... 2nd is Safeguard. They kill all kinds of worms not just roundworms like Wazine. My memory is sketchy on Wazine but I think it only kills the adults and not the eggs.... Something like that.

Chemicals are hard on the chickens .... If they really aren't well I'd goto the antibiotics ... Skip the wormer for now... By the time the girls show signs they really aren't well and can go downhill very quickly!!! Puffy eye is usually a sign of respitoray infection.

Good luck. I'm so sorry you're going through this!

Sorry forgot to mention not to give the hens ACV or vitamins with the Corid.

Brandi G
user 48566262
Pasadena, CA
Post #: 250

Thanks! I thought I may wait on the wormer. I know it's really hard on them. The worms aren't so extreme anyway. I think they may be battling a respiratory issue, so maybe the worms took hold because they could not fight it off. Also, I do think the cayenne expels them. I have been putting it in with the feed. Maybe I can get by without it, after the Tylan. I wanted to see what to do, I knew you would have some good info. I really don't know anything about chicken antibiotics!!

I'll get some Tylan tomorrow. I'll treat everyone, there did seem to be a "cold" going around. I know they don't get colds, but that's the best way to describe it. Poor Little is really not doing well, so I have to try something. I don't think she'll make it otherwise. I've got her in the hospital box. She even sat in the bathtub with warm water for a while, I just wanted to make her feel better. She went nuts for the live meal worms and some egg. Hopefully it will be enough to keep her going until I can get this under control. Man, this really sucks. It's quite depressing.
user 80252532
Los Angeles, CA
Post #: 50
Baytril is NOT for treating chickens.­
Brandi G
user 48566262
Pasadena, CA
Post #: 251
Thanks for the info, JJ. That's a good link. A few BYC people were talking about Baytril. I don't know how to find accurate info on BYC, so much bad info out there. I trust people on this board so much more! I wound up getting these chickens because of a Facebook group. I may back away slowly from them, one attacked me for "slandering" the breeder when I mentioned the Marek's diagnosis. She questioned how I would know the chickens got the Marek's from that breeder. Unfortunately for her, I've only got two rounds of chickens from two breeders and all were day old chicks except the one pullet. (Vector is her new nickname). Regrettably, the chickens (and Marek's) came from her, most likely. Along with cocci and roundworms, yay. My other chickens were over a year old and none of these issues had ever shown up previously.

I will locate Tylan. Not thrilled about injectable, but if I have to, I will. Maybe I'll head to Henco tomorrow. I can get a few things to have in my medicine chest. I'll happily share, if anyone needs anything, do let me know. I hate to use drugs, but now I need to save lives.
Amanda G
user 12128708
Los Angeles, CA
Post #: 216
Brandi I got my chickens saying I'd never give them any antibiotics but when you favorite hen is struggling to breath it's hard to say no. I guess I'm a softie but they are my pets :D

I was freaked about injecting the birds. I was lucky to have my cousins wife in Town who was a vet and showed me how. It easiest if you have a helper. Fill syringe with dose tap bubbles out.... Hold chicken feel down keel bone and somewhere about half way down go over an inch push feathers back and clean skin with rubbing alcohol soaked cotton ball. Put needle in and inject.... If you see blood pull needle out and pick another spot. I've never had that happen. Switch sides with each does ... So left then right then left etc etc. you can get some tetracycline? Eye ointment for the one with the swollen eye.... You just squeeze a thin line down eyelid like applying eyeliner...
Brandi G
user 48566262
Pasadena, CA
Post #: 252
So Tylan or Tetracycline? Or is that just the brand name? I know this needs to happen, I just don't want to screw up any more than I already have!!

I'm hoping I can get syringes at Henco, not sure where to even get them.
MaryEllen S.
user 13593726
Altadena, CA
Post #: 13
I just got in a feed additive called Rooster Booster that claims to be a dewormer and to treat mild respiratory infections. I gave it to the girls for three days, then just stopped because I really, really don't think worms are the problem. Their poop just looks too good for it to be worms. I don't know offhand what the active ingredients are, but I've got a big jar of it if anyone wants to try it. I also have a big tube of pyrantel pamoate dewormer, which I ordered for the baby raccoons but they wouldn't take it so I had to switch them to pills. (Talk about infested, my god, they pooped spaghetti for three days per week for three weeks before I got it under control. Blech!!)
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