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la city code for chickens

fran e.
user 112580632
Los Angeles, CA
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would like to know exactly what is allowed in la city for having chickens thank you
Brandi G
user 48566262
Pasadena, CA
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Depends highly on where you are. I'm in unincorporated LA County and I can have chickens. Pasadena has rules, San Marino and Altadena allow them in certain circumstances.

Where are you located? That gives people in your area a chance to chime in on what the code says for the particular area.

This member is new, she let me know she is in West LA. Anyone know the code for West LA?
fran e.
user 112580632
Los Angeles, CA
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Replying to my own post - I live in West LA. When I was involved with dog rescue, I was told by the city shelter that chickens had to be 50 ft from the home residence and 100 ft from the neighbors. Was the code changed or was I told in error? Also, anyone have experience with adopting a chicken from the city or county shelters? There are lots of them. Thanks
Amanda G
user 12128708
Los Angeles, CA
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As far as I know it is 35 feet from your neighbor's dwelling ... not property line or garage ... actual house.... If you have a rooster, you are technically allowed 1 but as we all know city folks are very accepting of roosters.... The Rooster has to be 100 feet away from your neighbor's dwelling ....
Susan J.
Los Angeles, CA
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Codes differ hugely from city to city, county to county, unincorporated areas, etc. Plus, within each city's list of codes, contradictions exist within their own posted ordinances. Some are so contradictory, that if you break them down, the end result is that we're not able to have any chickens! For instance, "fly proof coop" means no bees nor flies can fly in or out of their coop! So what do you do, keep them in a coop all day with glass walls?! Your best bet is to Google your city's website and read all their codes directly for yourself. It's a can of worms, and the codes need to be fixed, but it's a battle and any attention brought to someone's backyard hens could mean they'd have to get rid of all their birds. It's a problem that needs to be solved, but I imagine it'd take years and attorneys.
user 13381954
Los Angeles, CA
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Fran, I did a great deal of research with the City before I got my chicks 1 1/2 years ago. I checked with both Animal Control and Building & Safety (there is a B&S office in WLA, just south of UCLA and a Shelter I believe on Olympic, which has AC Officers). Here's the lowdown: chickens must be at least 20 ft. from your residence; 35 ft. from any neighbor's residence; roosters are okay, but 100 ft. from any residence; all distance limitations include any area where the birds are (a run, free-range yard, or coop); no limit on numbers of birds. The operative word here is "residence." Check with Building & Safety to see if there is a Certificate Of Occupancy for any structures that may be less than 35 ft. from where you want your chickens to be (this is a free check, but you'll need a parcel/tax ID number for your neighbor's property). If there is no COO for that particular building, it is not technically a "residence," although people may actually live in the building (e.g. a converted garage). The regulations for LA City are pretty straight-forward and a lot more lenient than other cities. Hope this helps!
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