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Oxine. What are people's thoughts about it?

Brandi G
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Pasadena, CA
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I am mulling over Oxine. I am anti DE, as most of you know, but am curious what kind of experience, if any, people have with it. I am battling the parasite and Cocci garbage dumped on me by a crappy breeder and cannot seem to fully eradicate it. I need to remove all bedding/deep litter/compost from my coop and run and hope I can kill off the two parasites and Cocci as much as possible.

I know it kills mold, bacteria, viruses and god knows what else, but unlike DE, I don't know if it kills off everything. Maybe it's just best used on hard surfaces? I imagine it would kill soil microbes as well, so I'm kind of wary about it. In my case, I may need to do it anyway and I'm not comfortable with the breathing issues DE comes up with. I do have mild asthma, so I'm wary of any lung irritants. Many people seem to use Oxine as a fog or vapor, but I'm not sure if this is safe or not.

Anyone have any idea or links to reputable studies/information that may be reliable for figuring out how safe it is to use? Anyone have a parasite issue they were able to resolve? How did you do it? I've been battling this since I brought these birds home in May, so I may be ready for extreme measures. I don't want it to kill any more of my flock.
Brandi G
user 48566262
Pasadena, CA
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I did find a link from Bio-code who makes Oxine to a chart of all the things Oxine kills.


I'm going to examine this further and see if it may help. It doesn't appear to kill parasites, so not sure if it will help in my situation. Ugh!
Hawthorne, CA
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I have heard it is excellent for cleaning, sanitizing and fogging for illness, just DO NOT use the citric activator. I have the quart bottle. Don't think it works on skin parasites but a lot of shelters use it to clean cages/floors, etc.
MaryEllen S.
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Altadena, CA
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If your chickens have any free range time at all, you will never completely eradicate cocci. It comes in on wild birds, etc and just lives in the soil and can even come In on your feet and clothes. The key is to keep your chickens healthy enough that it is not a problem for them. I had the same issues as you, from the same breeder, and have managed to get things back under control and have healthy birds again. It took Albon (two rounds for the most severely infected birds), a course of Corrid, two wormings, two frontline treatments, and then a dose of probiotics to get everything back on track with their digestion after all those drugs. But they have all gained the weight back have great looking plumage, and about half of them are laying. I expect the others will begin laying soon as the days get longer. If I took them in to be tested they would probably show some evidence of cocci but their systems are robust enough that they are no longer sick from it.

I don't recommend the deep litter system while trying to battle cocci and/or parasites, though. Too much concentrated waste in one place, they will keep stirring it up and reinfecting themselves. When I was in the midst of all this I cleaned my coop and run a minimum of three times a day, and the pasture (which is huge) every day. I didn't let any poop sit for more than an hour or two in the coop and run. Now I'm back to my regular schedule of cleaning coop and run once a day and pasture once or twice a week. My floors are all dirt so they can't really be disinfected anyway. One wall and the roof of the coop are wood, but I have never done anything more than keep them dusted and cleaned with a stiff brush, dry. The other two walls are cinderblock or chain link, so not too many places for creepie crawlies to hide.
Brandi G
user 48566262
Pasadena, CA
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Mary Ellen,

Yup. That's what I was thinking also. I may clear out my coop, lots of hard surfaces, so Oxine may work. I also cannot do much with the dirt in some areas, but I do have brick pathways that Oxine may work on. I have a hot water hose, so I hose it down with really hot water every other day or so. The deep litter will have to go for a bit. I did the frontline already. Funny you got that also... I'm into a worming treatment and Corrid treatment. What did you use the Albon for? I'm hoping the worming/Corrid will work once I clear the deep litter.

What a friggin battle. Mine free ranged for more than a year with hordes of wild birds and never got any of this until the evil breeder came into my life. Ugh. It gives me hope that you are almost under control. I'll probably treat twice a year with Corrid and wormer from here on out, since the dirt is contaminated forever :(
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