John Luke G.



Youngstown, OH

Organizer since:

March 25, 2014

What does avant-garde mean to you? Does it mean anything?

To me avant-garde means, taking an untraditional approach to better convey a message. For example, riddles and jokes will almost always be avant-garde, since good riddles rely on unusual perspectives of familiar things to stump the victim (J. R. Tolkien, makes lots of good examples) and good jokes rely on unusual perspectives of familiar situations to be funny (Gabriel Iglesias happens to be my favorite comedian and makes great examples of this).

Read books: What is your favorite? (Books as well as Short Stories and Self-Authored titles, such as diary entries, Journals, Free Writing, etc; any kind of story works.)

Vincalis the Agitator by Holy Lisle. The story is a great allegory to how government members and societies members tend to view themselves. The main character is a victim of this society by being the impossible probability that every one talks about nowadays and I sympathize with that. The ignorance is full of generalizations, cliques, and stereotypes which pervade through our society. We need to realize it's not right for somthing to happen like a highschool teacher to joke with their class about men getting lucky to have women in bed, because what if just one woman decides it's okay to start raping men. In today's society, something like that would go unnoticed and teachers confronted with such a possibility would laugh. What about the child that dreams of playing varsity tennis, but their school has a gender varsity tennis team and that child is the wrong gender? There are other examples, but it just makes me sick to think about them all, sorry.

Favorite Game: Did it have any kind special impact on you?

Assassin's Creed. Only the original. It opened my eyes to the entire mythology of Assassin's and sparked an interest in assassination cults in general. The story was so rich and makes me still question, whether burning books specifically could ever be a righteous act. It does make me wonder. It was a beautiful game really. The sequels are the most part just bastards.

What do you think this group is about?

What ever the members do with it—we do with it—shall be what it becomes. It will be sad if it never amounts to much: I wouldn't be surprised if it didn't; my ideas always seem to be a little too over the top for the people I present them to.. Maybe this will work

Are you a semi-frequent gamer?

I always end up researching the games I play, more than I actually play them! haha


I am an viewer of the world. I look at thinks as they are. People who don't know me too well, perceive me as "in it for attention" and think I like to be in the spotlight. To be frank, the people, who do know me, pretty much agree I have Ausgberger's

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