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Largest Sunspots in Years Turning Towards Earth

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July 5, 2013

One of the biggest sunspot groups in the current 11 year solar cycle has emerged near the sun's southeastern limb. The National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration and NASA report that the sunspot group, known as AR1785 has a magnetic field that harbors energy to produce powerful X-class solar flares. Another active region trailing behind it, AR1787 is only slightly less potent.

We make mention of the sunspot activity as Earth-facing X and M-Class solar flares have a history of wreaking significant havoc with satellites, national power grids and causing problems with air travel.

In early March of 1989 a very large X-class solar flare and a completely separate coronal mass ejection occurred. Three days later the output hit Earth causing a massive geomagnetic storm that that fried a main power transformer in the HydroQuebec power system causing a cascading grid failure that knocked out power to 6 million customers. Transformers were also damaged in New Jersey and the United Kingdom.

More recently, in October, 2003 a solar storm of lesser intensity, but longer duration, caused a blackout in Sweden and induced powerful currents in the South African grid that severely damaged or destroyed fourteen of their major power transformers. This event caused significant damage to the power grids of the two countries resulting in months of rolling blackouts while repairs were made.
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I have been keeping watch of this also, with a few on Facebook I follow. My immediate question for all, what is the best way to have emergency communication? Walkie talkies (best models?), do they have to be protected like ham equipment from emps, solar flares? Wish to purchase asap and best distance models (which I've read range is always overrated).

The hourly sun (at 05:14:32 pm) UTC. Visit­ for more info.
The hourly sun (at 05:14:32 pm) UTC. Visit­ for more info.

Ray Menna II
I'm gonna issue an earthquake watch for the next 3 days and for good reason. A strong coronal hole stream has landed in our region and is raising the solar wind to high levels. The real kicker is the magnetogram readings as they are very high on the marker. Keep watch as things are about to get rough. Latest meters: http://www.solarham.n...­ - Magnetometers
Magnetometers provide realtime data of the local Earth magnetic field at ground level. Sharp deviations in the data could signal the development of geomagnetic activity. Examples are listed below. Swedish Institute of Space Physics -­ Magnetogram -­.

Current SWMF imagery: http://ccmc.gsfc.nasa...­ Looks very strong!
Real-Time SWMF (Magnetosphere-Ionosphere) - Image Browser
Ring current total flux of electrons (e-) and protons (H+):Note: images may not be available for all times. Displayed is the closest time at or before the selected time above.

For the questioning, open minded:­
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Hello Ann,

Regarding emergency communications during a Coronal Mass Ejection or EMP the answer is there is no best way to communicate if one of these events happens. Plan your emergency communication plan anyway because there are many other events that will probably happen before these do. Motorola or Uniden make good radios that use the FRS and/or GMRS bands. CB’s (Citizen Band) and Ham radios (Amateur radio) along with FRS/GMRS should all be part of your plan.

FRS or Family Radio Service radios are compact, handheld, wireless 2-way radios that provide very good clarity over a relatively short range. FRS radios operate on any of 14 dedicated channels (1-14) designated by the FCC (Federal Communications Commission) expressly for FRS radio usage. In order to comply with FCC standards,
FRS radios have a maximum allowable power of 0.5 milliwatts (or 1/2 watt). FRS radio transceivers and their antennas may not be modified to extend their range. Generally stated as "up to 2 miles," you should note that this manufacturer’s stated range should be construed as the absolute max, to be achieved only under optimal conditions (such as flat terrain, no obstructions and full batteries). Somewhere in the 1/4 to 1 mile range, depending upon conditions, is much more realistic.

GMRS or General Mobile Radio Service radios operate on any of up to 8 dedicated channels (15-22) designated by the FCC. GMRS radios typically have power ratings of
1.0 to 5.0 watts and have a maximum allowable power of 50 watts. GMRS radios typically achieve greater ranges than FRS radios. GMRS range is generally specified by manufacturers as "up to 5 miles" and occasionally slightly more. Again, this is a maximum range, likely achieved only under optimal conditions. Realistic range for
GMRS radios under most conditions are more likely 1-2 miles, depending upon the particular conditions.

To get a longer range from a handheld radio you would need to get a more expensive radio (UHF or VHF) and operate off a repeater like public safety responders use.

All electronic equipment that has a circuit board inside (which is most, if not all) would need to be protected from Electro Magnetic Pluses. The best way to do this is by use of a Faraday cage.

Robert L.
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Hi, we recently purchased a pair of Midland GXT1000's radios that we store in Faraday cages, think the instructions said they have a 26 mile range. What do you think of these? We don't know much about radios. Thanks
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