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From: Wayne S.
Sent on: Tuesday, November 13, 2012 4:27 PM
     Up to now I only belonged to Strong Ohio Patriots in Strongsville.  I recently joined your group and have been reading your emails that you send to each other.  The last one was a doozy.  It was the one where people who signed the petition to secede from the Union would lose their citizenship and be exiled.  Are you kidding me?????  If the Feds have got you believing stuff like that....if anybody takes take it seriously..... we're done for as a free people. 
     Below you will see the kind of stuff I've been writing for over 2 years.  I'm still here.  No deportation.  No loss of citzenship.  Now is not the time to be meek or compromising.  You can't compromise with evil.  You never give up or give in....not even a little.  You can only be stepped on by people if you lay down and let them.  This is not a friendly contest with people who have legitimate complaints against the system.  This is a fight with people who want to destroy the system and rebuild to reflect  some perverted image that Obama has been carrying around in his head since his mother, guardians and mentors have filled him with notions of how great the Communist workers paradise will be for America.
     As one of the new moderators of Strong Ohio Patriots (John Palmer bowed out of being the sole moderator for health reasons) I invite you all to attend our next meeting at The Carriage House on Handel Rd. in Strongsville on Dec. 13, 2012
Wayne Stovcik

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Subject: [Strong-Ohio-Patriots] A Member's Frustration
Date: Sun, 11 Nov[masked]:49:47 -0500


Greetings, Friends:
              The Electorate Shrugged
     I'm putting aside for today the letter I've been working on since the election results came in because many other concerns keep distracting me.  This letter about Israel's problem is the my main concern right now (please excuse a couple of vulgar words I've use, but it's how I feel):
     It's been many 5 days since the election.  With Obama staying in the White House Israel's only hope for a friendly and helpful American Administration went down the drain with Mitt Romney and Paul Ryan.  So what the hell are the Israelis waiting for??????  If the Israelis are going to attack the uranium refinement centrifuge facilities in Iran this is the time to do it before our terrorist-coddling, Islamo-loving, Constitution-hating, race-baiting, piss-poor excuse for a President has time to settle into his second term and re-configure American foreign policy along lines that could only satisfy the likes of the Muslim Brotherhood, every tin-pot West-hating dictator in the world, the Communist Party and....yes I must say it based on what I've heard come out of the mouths of Democrats since the election....the Democrat Party.  The most disturbing thing is that most of the Jew-hating rhetoric still seems to be coming from college and university campuses.  Jew-hating seems to have become the order of the day with American leftists because Israel stands for liberty and civilized behaviour and Islam rationalizes revenge, hatred and one party rule.  Islam is an American leftist's dream come true.  American leftists are probably wondering why it took them so long to discover the wonders of Islam.  Except for the god thing, of course....they still don't like God, or a god, no matter whose religion it is.  Is this an upside down world or what?
     I always thought it was telling that creeps like Vladimir Putin, Hugo Chavez, the Kims of Korea, and the Middle-East slugs like Mahmoud Achmedinejad of Iran all felt comfy cozy being pals and schmoozing with each other and helping to arm the other murderous scum of the world.  Meanwhile we always sided with the Israelis against the rest of the world.  At least it always seemed like we and the Israelis were against the rest of the world where Israel's existense was concerned.  I guess it seemed that way because it really was that way.  Thanks a lot rest of the world, you bastards !!!!!   And we allied ourselves with Israel because it was the right thing to do....not because it was easy and we knew we and the Israelis would prevail against our common enemies.  That's kind up in the air right now that our no-talent shit-for-brains President has four more years in office and he's surrounding himself with like-minded shit-for-brains cabinet secretaties, czars, press secretaries, U.N. ambassadors, etc., etc.
     Well, Israel, the right time to act in your own self defense is now.  Strike now while the iron is hot and the U.S. is still obligated to help you (and ourselves) remove the threat of an Iranian nuclear bomb being built.  Obama ain't going to like it.  The Democrats ain't going to like it.  The State Department ain't going to like it.  And because they've sunk so low that they can't tell right from wrong anymore maybe even most Americans ain't going to like it, but if you expect to survive you Israelis better do something about the situation while you still can because I don't think you're going to be able to depend on the Obama Administration for jack shit once it totally embraces the theocratic tyrants of the Middle-East. 
     Obama has said many times that he would never let the Iranians develop nuclear weapons.  I laugh so hard I piss my pants every time he says that.  Are you Israelis going to risk your existense on Obama keeping his word?  In this country we know Obama's word isn't worth spit.  Right minded people in America will understand if you Israelis come to the same conclusion.  When you do you'll find that it is a very liberating experience.
     Everytime I watch the mini-series "The Path To 9/11" I wish Walt Disney Productions would release it on DVD so people can see what indecisive ditherers and self-deceiving frauds the Democrats are when it comes to defending ourselves and our allies from the Islamo-Fascist threat in the Middle-East.  Or any threat for that matter.  The murder of our Ambassador and three others in Benghazi underlined that so well that even the block-headed left in this country could see it, but they chose to ignore it anyway because that's the nature of being a blockhead.
     We live in a fantsy land created by the Federal Brotherhood and that fantasy land is going to crumble down around out heads thanks to the fifth-column fifth-estate we laughingly rely on to give us honest accounts of world events.  News that should be in our hands so we can make the important decisions that will determine our future or lack of a future. 
     The collapse of this country's economy can't come soon enough for me.  It's the only way we're going to rid ourselves of the trash who've wormed their way into our government.
Wayne Stovcik

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