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Manufacturing must return to America in order for our economy to truly thrive again. Politicians can talk all day long about creating jobs. Unless and until we start making stuff again, jobs are not coming back to a large extent.

Our current economy, based on funny money backed by nothing, is artificial and subject to collapse at some point. Just like the phony dot-com run-up and just like the phony run-up in real estate values of past years.

A healthy nation has to produce tangible goods and must be as self reliant as possible.

As you watch the infusion of new conservatives into the House and Senate - as well as the state legislature - be sure that REAL measures are taken to stop making it attractive to move manufacturing facilities out of the country. Job re-training programs are not going to cut it. Training people for jobs that don't exist is silly.

The tax burden on business must be reduced.
The regulatory burden on business must be reduced.
Keep an eye on money grabs like Cap and Trade climate legislation and beware of phony conservatives like John McCain who buy into them.

Multinational global corporations that have little or no allegiance to America have the power and money to influence our senators and congressmen - but most American jobs are created by small businesses operated by American entrepreneurs. Real free markets, without interference and manipulation by the government and by the Federal Reserve, will inspire and grow entrepreneurship and build a thriving economy.

The American consumer - 300 million people - has the power. Are we willing to demand American made products? Are we willing to pay a little more for them for the betterment of the country?
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