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We will Learn as much as we can about the metaphysical, paranormal and spiritual world.

We will learn actual techniques then apply them to our daily lives. We will explore past lives, quantum mechanics and all types of healing, energy work, being empathic, about manifestations, the power of meditations, and more.

We will learn how to protect ourselves from those that would take your energy and do us harm, be it from the physical world or from the spirit world.

We will also study any other subjects that members would be interested in. I could use your help here with suggestions for studies, if you want to give it.

Love to start a book review night soon of good reads in the metaphysical world. Maybe a future movie night of metaphysical movies and review them too, I know there is a lot of them out there that I've not seen. Then we can discuss all topics from all areas.

Meetups include research and classes, discussions, and the sharing of experiences.

Workshops, Development or Game nights include hands on activities, games to enhance the development of our abilities and the sharing of experiences and techniques.

There will be times that we will just get together for plane old fun like; picnics, desert or mountain walks, treasure hunts, going out to take pictures to see if we can capture ghosts on film at old hotels or old landmarks such as old ghost towns, and great barbeque's and parties. Maybe even a future- retreat up North.

Also, up at the top you will find categories like- Home, Members, Sponsors, etc., - I have started to place PDF files of past classes in the (MORE) category, under the FILE section. Feel free to just reed or you can print copies.

Please let us consider ourselves friends, let's get together to show unconditional love and let's help heal and empower this planet....


To everyone

This is to answer a question that was put to me recently as well as in the past.......

Everyone is welcome now and in the future to all meet ups...!

People with little background in metaphysics, and don't know where to begin can teach the seasoned teacher who has been in it for 100 years, really! all can learn something from beginners, knowledge is deep within all of us, whither the skilled Masters want to believe it or not.

Have no fears that your not good enough or that you lack the talent you need to attend a meeting, because how do you know unless your given the chance to learn.

Everyone is learning because the walk of life is changing as we create it, we will keep learning as we go through life, maybe the hard way if we fight it.

This group was founded for everyone! Beginners are needed, how are we going to learn if everyone thinks they know everything. I gladly have new beginners in my classes or meet ups because they bring such fresh thoughts and ideas and life.

At times I get nervous about what I can give some of you after reading your BIOS, some of you have impressive degrees and such great backgrounds.

If I gave in to some of my feelings and thoughts that I'm not good enough to hold this group together, I would have stop paying and let this group fade away along time ago. as so many other groups have in the past.

It's not easy at times, but it's getting much better, to figuring out what you want in the way of studies.

In my youth, the search for metaphysical studies was hard, I came across some of the weirdest and scariest groups that didn't give that much knowledge but tried to sell me there beliefs. These beliefs to me were not ethical or in my way of thinking not that spiritually sound ether.

I started this group with the help of my sister Joyce, to have a safe place for like minds to come together and discuss their experiences, and for those who want to find out more about the metaphysical life because they're curious of what it's all about.

Never thought at that time I would be teaching others. I study harder to learn more now than ever before about the metaphysical life, in turn I can teach you what I have learned, the subjects that we study together now have a profound change on my life. It is amazing that what I knew in the past can quickly change when discovering a new truth today, my life is always changing.

So let's do this together, all for one and one for all, that means-----You and me......

Thank you,

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