HuffPo cements its reputation as the liberal site for credulous idjits

From: Ruthe
Sent on: Saturday, April 17, 2010 7:08 PM

HuffPo cements its reputation as the liberal site for credulous idjits

Category: GodlessnessKooks
Posted on: April 17,[masked]:02 AM, by PZ Myers

The Huffington Post now has a post up from some guy named Rory Fitzgerald reacting to the suggestion that the Pope be arrested for crimes and conspiracies of his organization by urging that Richard Dawkins be arrested for "atheist crimes"…such as those committed by the Nazis and Stalinists. I had no idea that Adolf Hitler was a member of the Richard Dawkins Foundation! You learn something new every day.

But, you know, he's right. If RDF staffers were running a child-porn ring, and Dawkins was moaning "Oh, this will ruin the reputation of my foundation, I must do what I can to hide these crimes," then yes, I would agree: arrest Richard Dawkins! No excuses!

Reality interferes, however. Such a crime has not been committed. I know Dawkins well enough that he would be outraged by such wickedness, and that his wrath would fall on the perpetrators, not the whistle-blowers. It's all very, very silly. In fact, there's more absurdity there than I can possibly dissect — it's like an awesome concatenation of every stereotype and ill-founded damning claim about atheists ever made. I thought about linking to it, but the stupid was simply to intense for me, especially as my time is limited as I'm about to brave Chicago traffic again.

So go read Jerry Coyne for his take.

Oh, and I know it's very inside baseball, but when I saw that Fitzgerald thought Dawkins was a microbiologist, I practically did a spit-take. He's not. He's an evolutionary biologist trained as an ethologist. The amusing thing, too, is that I've often seen creationists do that — for some reason, they think "microbiologist" is some kind of special term for any biologist who studies the fiddly little details of evolutionary mechanisms, instead of a specific branch of biology that studies the dominant form of life on the planet. (Hint: not people).

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