ID is Not Religion; Anti-ID is Religious Discrimination

From: Ruthe
Sent on: Tuesday, April 20, 2010 11:11 AM

ID is Not Religion; Anti-ID is Religious Discrimination

Ed Brayton
Posted: 19 Apr[masked]:02 AM PDT

Once again we find the Intelligent Design crowd engaged in a convenient bit of hypocrisy where they claim that ID is not religious, but if anyone is not allowed to advocate for it then they are being discriminated on the basis of religion. The Discovery Institute is backing a guy from the Jet Propulsion Lab who is suing for allegedly being demoted for giving out pro-ID DVDs to co-workers.

Let me say this up front: I don't know the facts of this case. I certainly don't trust the DI, which has been flagrantly lying about alleged discrimination cases against Sternberg and many others -- anything to create a false martyr -- since years. But if that accusation is true, if David Coppedge really can show he was demoted because he gave out some pro-ID information to co-workers, Coppedge should win the case.

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