I need your help!

From: Larry
Sent on: Tuesday, August 30, 2011 2:05 PM

Hello Everyone!!! :-)


                                             I hope everyone is having fun out there!

We are fortunate to have many many new fantastic members who I hope we will see out very soon.  If anyone has any question(s), please contact me.......my door is open!


To the topic:

I need everyone's help to keep this group fun and active.  We are growing quickly.  We have some of the greatest meetup organizers and helpers that we can possibly hope for, and are always looking for more.  Let me know if you are interested.  Active organizers have a few extra perks. 


One of the largest CONCERNS for organizers and the venues who invite us to their establishments are "No Shows."I need your help! 

If you sign up as a "Yes" to an event, then want to change your mind about going, it's ok, please Change your reservation online.  Changing your reservation after the start time of the event, does not count. :-) Good try!!  Please care about the hard working volunteers who go out of their way for all of us in order to make sure we have things to do on days/nights we are struggling to find something to do on.  Your response or lack of, does affect others.  We have a limited "no show" policy in place, I don't want to get crazy with tougher "no show" policies.  As corny as it may sound to a few of you, we are all adults and need to care and be responsible for each other and ourselves. 


I send this email out to give everyone the benefit of a doubt. 

When I first got on meetup, I too was a no show to many events.  But after time went on and I became an organizer.  I realized how much my "no shows" affected the planning.  I felt bad when I realized how inconsiderate I have been and wished someone would have explained it to me. 

Hence this email.


Mingling In Atlanta or any group can only stay strong if their members can rely on the fact they know there will be the turn that is being represented.


Please help curb the "no shows"  I am sure, You are all awesome, caring individuals and desire to help  achieve the goal...which is, "FUN!!!"


To those who made it this far down the email, Thank you for letting me role on this topic!

Let's have Fun!


PS  Going outside your box....If you are finding it difficult to meet and have fun at the events......I usually tell people, if you go up to someone with a big smile and a "hello", it is hard for them not to smile back and say "hello".  If they don't smile and/or say hello back, you just learned, you don't want to be around them anyway!  Don't take it personal!!!  Move on to the next person.  Most people are friendly. 

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