Eli E.
Minneapolis, MN
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Do we have a place (stickied thread, group file, &c) where members can offer their expertise to each other? Like, "I am fluent in X language," or "I work in Y field"? So that if someone were writing about, say 15th-century French lesbian nuns, they could consult the list and know whom they could contact for information and advice.

If we don't have one, I'll start it; I just don't want to reinvent the wheel if we already have one somewhere.
Hilary Moon M.
Group Organizer
Minneapolis, MN
Post #: 10,468
At one point, we had one. Unfortunately, it is by now hopelessly out of date so go ahead and start a new one if you want.

Tim R.
user 12966329
Zimmerman, MN
Post #: 59
I am available for consultation in the event anyone needs information on any of the following:

I can crack a bull whip
I can field strip a 1911 Colt pistol
I can provide instruction on the use and maintenance of a 1857 Remington black powder revolver
I know how to operate a Model T Ford (a bit more difficult than a modern car but surprisingly intuitive)
I've spent the last 16 years designing structural components for residential construction.
I've built two cars (one hot rod and one 1927 Model T Ford) from the ground up and am currently working on a third
I successfully landed a Cessna 152 after snapping a rudder cable

And that's just the crap that happened this morning before lunch.

Michael M.
Hopkins, MN
Post #: 1,125
I can help anyone with the following:

Blindness -- Living with blindness, adaptive technology, and vocational rehabilitation.

Shipping -- I've been certified to ship and broker all kinds of things across international borders, including explosives, hazmat and bio-matter.

Farming -- I grew up on a farm and worked the fields. I know about gardening, orchards, crop farming (wheat, peanuts, cotton, soybeans), farm machinery, and livestock.

Firearms -- Care and handling for a variety of standard civilian firearms. I owned and maintained a 1860 Colt Army black powder revolver. I can also field strip, clean, and maintain the M-1 Carbine, the favorite weapon of rebels and insurgents before the AK-47 came along.

Food Service Industry -- If you really want to know what goes on behind kitchen doors.

I've done a ride-along with the police
I've done a fly-along with a crop duster
I was part of a county civil defense team
I helped organize an evacuation when the oil refinery in my home town caught fire.
I was a handful of blocks away and when the Federal Building in OKC was bombed.
I've survived a couple of pretty nasty car accidents.
I've been in a couple of destructive tornadoes
I'm a practitioners of Tai Chi (Sun 41 style)
Joel A.
user 2675455
Minneapolis, MN
Post #: 186

I helped organize an evacuation when the oil refinery in my home town caught fire.
I was a handful of blocks away and when the Federal Building in OKC was bombed.
I've survived a couple of pretty nasty car accidents.
I've been in a couple of destructive tornadoes

Let me know when you're coming to my town so I can run far away! biggrin

I'm kidding, of course. I may actually have to ask you some things about your farming experience in the near future.
T K L.
Burnsville, MN
Post #: 229

Horses - I grew up on an Arabian horse farm (breeding and showing operation) so I know quite a bit about raising, training, maintenance and common ailments of horses (this knowledge includes a good working knowledge of most kinds of riding tack - not as much experience with harness/buggy/carriage driving but some here as well)

IP law - I work as a trademark paralegal and have patent and some copyright experience as well. If you want a "smell test" for what it is like to work in a law firm or corporate legal department I can help.

Living with a gamer - my SO is a gamer (both old-school and new)

Food service industry - I waited tables for almost 16 years. Ask at your own risk.

SCUBA diving - I am (or was, it has been several years and my PADI certification has lapsed) a SCUBA diver. The deepest dive I have participated in was just over 120 feet. I prefer shallower reef diving, though, and I have done night diving in the past.
Hilary Moon M.
Group Organizer
Minneapolis, MN
Post #: 10,474
So Joel, what are some of your areas of expertise?

Here is some of what I know:

I have a vast knowledge of children's and YA literature. Seriously, I'm a children's librarian and I am very good at finding people books when they only remember part of the plot and the color of the cover.

I am oddly good at world history, despite never having officially studied it.

I was an exchange student in India and have a good knowledge of that area of the world: history, geography, languages, cultures, food, religion and other assorted trivia.

I have some odd areas of very specific subject knowledge: industrial american history, America pre-Civil War, Patent Office history, California Gold Rush, San Francisco history (I grew up in S.F. and was the child of a US History Professor who specialized in California history. I got a lot via osmosis.)

I am unwilling to claim other expertises, but I have a ton of oddball trivia and languages in my head. You never know when I might be able to answer something.

I should also note that I am an excellent researcher and can find information on stuff that I know nothing about.

Pat S.
user 4680734
Minneapolis, MN
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My co-workers might question the good-at part, but I have some experience in:

*Information System Security Engineering (defining system solutions to meet various requirements for confidentiality, integrity, and availability). Designing for physical security naturally tags along with that, but I don't do it for a living.

*Data storage systems--file systems, channel protocols, media types, recording technology

*A long time ago I used to know how to do analog and digital circuit design and could pretend that I knew a variety of programming languages.

*An even longer time ago I had a Single Engine Land pilot's license with an Instrument rating. A couple big trips were particularly fun--MSP to Bahamas and MSP to San Diego (with a side-door removed flight around the Grand Canyon so a photographer friend could take some snapshots).

*I once had the fun of spending a week on an aircraft carrier on a shakedown cruise and had the very special fun of leaving via the pointy end. (Catapult launch). Haven't done a trap.

Joel A.
user 2675455
Minneapolis, MN
Post #: 187
Some areas of my expertise (or at least passable knowledge):

Autism - my son has it and we try to keep up on any new info about it.

Yellowstone - I worked there for 4 summers and 1 winter in various areas of the park for the concessionaire (the folks in charge of food, lodging, activities, etc. within the park.)

Genealogy - I love doing genealogy research - I've spent many hours scouring censuses, old newspapers, passenger manifestos, etc, and I love it!

Research in general - I could sit for hours and hours sifting through files, papers, and ephemera of things that interest me.

The Beatles - I'm a Beatles junkie!
Terry F.
Minneapolis, MN
Post #: 792
I made this flame-throwing robot. I called him Puff.

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