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Roy C. B.
user 3023314
Bemidji, MN
Post #: 454
Well, if someone ever has to to do research on small northern Minnesota city juvenile delinquents, then . . .
Sam H.
user 11824033
Saint Paul Park, MN
Post #: 45
You know, this is not the only Bemidji source I have on researching N MN juvenile delinquents. That's a bit scary.

Skills/education I possess:
Martial arts, specifically Okinawan and Japanese. I've studied karate and kobudo (use of farming/fishing implements as weapons). Though I haven't done much training in the Japanese arts (sword, bow, naginata, jiu-jitsu), I've studied them quite a bit.

Keeping aquaria. I have eight aquaria going right now, from a little 10 gallon tank holding some shrimp and tinwini danios to a 120 gallon tank that will eventually hold a school of turquoise rainbowfish. I've done a lot of research on a number of topics related to keeping freshwater aquaria, and a bit on keeping marine aquaria.

Medicine. My wife is a nurse. We both enjoy studying biology. What I don't know, I can often find out, and with the knowledge I have, and with my wife as a sounding board, it's easy enough to come up with some pretty accurate information.

Mental retardation/autism. My brother is pretty severely mentally retarded, and autistic. My wife and I are either very mildly autistic, or we've picked up autistic traits from living around autism.
I've spent quite a bit of time in the special needs community, including teaching a writing class and an art class to special needs groups.

Chainmaille. I can make some simple weaves. My wife has made some very complex weaves.

Jewelry. I know the basics in jewelry techniques.

Sewing. This one is more of a connection. My wife and several friends are excellent seamstresses, focusing primarily on fashion from different times.

Languages. Understanding of grammar rules of Japanese and French means I can learn what I need with a bit of time and effort. Wife can do the same with Latin.

Research. What I don't know, I can often find.
Renae C.
user 47509582
Saint Paul, MN
Post #: 7
I know crocheting and some knitting. I have sewn block quilts
I like to garden and have some knowledge of the back yard garden.
I love animals and where I may not have expertise, I definitely have stories.
My bit of claim to fame is that I worked as an activities assistant at a nursing home. It was surprising to me to discover how many misconceptions there are out there about nursing homes.

Things I may get information on are drafting through the husband and flying from my eldest son.

Oh, I know about Jehovah's Witnesses. I was one for almost 15 years. (I will not speak disrespectfully of them, but I can answer questions about them)

So, I guess I can add I have a passing knowledge of the Bible also.
Terry F.
Minneapolis, MN
Post #: 918

My wife Kathy loves quilting. Have you checked out the Textile Center for quilt exhibits?
Renae C.
user 47509582
Saint Paul, MN
Post #: 8
I am new to the area and this is the first I have heard the name. I will check it out though. I love things to do with quilting, crocheting and knitting. I dream of spinning, but haven't been able to get into that yet.
Terry F.
Minneapolis, MN
Post #: 962
This isn't an area of my expertise but I thought I'd share this famous speculative fiction author's expertise on shaping stories. He makes plotting a story all so simple. A must-see for people with writer's block.
Baylor W.
user 125206852
Minneapolis, MN
Post #: 2
i'm not particularly great at anything but i know a tiny amount about a bunch of things, and that lets me write really long lists. i like lists.

  • i am not fluent in any language but i know a little Cherokee, Thai and various languages (German, Japanese, Arabic, etc.) that you can easily find people better than me at (i always like to end with a preposition).
  • i lived a couple of years in Bangkok, but i was young, so that might or might not be helpful. i mostly grew up in Houston and lived briefly in Denver and LA. i've also been to a bunch of countries but i'm guessing we have lots of people who can describe Barcelono, Paris and Amsterdam to you better than i can.
  • i don't know how helpful this is but i grew up in a not super fantastic neighborhood so i guess if you need to know anything about drug dealing, how to lose money selling crack, robbery, credit card fraud, having pimps pointing guns at you or the fun of being a child learning about sexual abuse, alcoholism and being beaten, i could maybe help. Oh yeah, and i have this funny story about an elderly nun that was beaten and raped, the resulting coma forcing her to shut down her care center for war refugees, and this other story about putting your kids in bags and throwing them in a bayou (that wasn't me), and another about being born on crack (also not me). Oh, and a guy who got his foot cut off by a train (that one is actually funny, but only because he was stupid and i didn't like him).
  • If you want to know what it's like being a mixed blood, hated by both races, i could probably help. i could really help if you want to know what it's like to be constantly hounded by new agers wanting you to give them their Indian names, whatever the hell that is.
  • i'm sometimes a foster parent for teenagers with severe emotional/behavioral disorder.
  • i raised an autistic child, although she's not a child anymore, she's an expensive college student.
  • i raised a gay child. i have a hard time believing you can't find people who know more about being a lesbian than i do, though.
  • i raised a twin child. A mirror image identical twin. i really didn't do a good job making normal kids.
  • i married a woman with multiple personalities who had been drugged, kidnapped and gang raped. Twice. She was also a lying sociopath. She had a friend with twins and one of them drowned in a pool while she was having an affair with the piano teacher and she was sad because it wasn't the other son who died... Wow, this is depressing. Maybe i should just say that if you want to know anything about fluffy gray rain clouds, i can probably provide a detail or two.
  • i was like this big wig sort of thing at big, fancy companies. i worked with computers (technical title, Senior Enterprise Architect) and prior to that i worked in probably every IT job that exists. Also, i was an auditor, which means i spent a lot of time ferreting out crooks and destroying people's careers. i made a lot of friends in that job.
  • i know a little about starting small, failing companies.
  • i know a little about working for video game companies. Also about making video games.
  • i know a little about military research, although i never did weapons or anything important, i just made cultural training tools to help marines learn how to do door-to-door searches and negotiate with bureaucrats.
  • i skipped most of high school to play pool. i also skipped a lot of college. i'm shockingly terrible at it but if you need to know something about pool, i might be able to help.
  • i studied business in school. And journalism. And economics. And religious studies. There was also this thing with law school but i ended up not really doing that.
  • i have a PhD in artificial intelligence. And experimental psychology.
  • i have an academy award, but i didn't go to any ceremony or anything so i actually know a lot less about this than you'd think. It was only a technical award (which i didn't even know existed until i won one) so i'm thinking i don't actually have anything interesting or helpful to say here.
  • i was this high school debate champion. Like, the best in the nation champion. We had 102 debaters in our squad. This one i actually do know a lot about. Like, there was this one time when this some debate coach who might or might not have been from my school snuck into the judging room and set fire to the ballots because her teams were losing... Wow, none of my stories have happy endings.
  • i know a lot about grammar. 'Cause i teach it for a living. i also know what it's like to have people stare at you and say, no way, please tell me you don't teach other people to write. 'Cause i'm cool like that.

Adam I.
user 115660782
Minneapolis, MN
Post #: 2
I suppose I can say I have varying degrees of expertise in the following categories:

  • Film scores
  • Arthurian literature
  • Type I diabetes
  • Trade Compliance
  • Medieval literature
  • Whisky, especially scotch
  • Technical writing
  • Choral music

Mark E D.
user 35207582
Waverly, MN
Post #: 1
My degrees are in engineering (structural) and economics. I spent two years studying astrophysics and an additional year in neuroscience. I have also done graduate and consulting in bio-engineering and environmental engineering. I have coded large models of ground water plumes, large-structures, critiques of the Club of Rome models and comment on the reliability of error propagation in modeling, in general. I also have written and am writing, with a theologian collaborator, a natural theology of god in relation to universe, cosmos and man incorporating information theory, the universal wave function and cosmology.
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