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Manager D.
user 7377737
Minneapolis, MN
Post #: 78
I was putting up a post on my gaming blog today, and I was wondering if any of the other members of the Minneapolis RPG meetup group had a gaming blog. It would be interesting to see what other local gamers have going on. With over 800 members in the group now...there have to be a couple right?

To get the ball rolling, here is the blog my gaming group does:


Description: It's a lot historical miniatures wargames, WWII, Civil War etc, but we also do Lord of the Rings Battle Game, Blood Bowl, Warhammer, and other fantasy games (mostly minis based.) We are just starting an AD&D campaign, so I expect some PCs and NPCs minis posts. It is updated: intermittently!

So if you have a RPG, board gaming, writing, or whatever sort of blog, that you would care to share, post the link here with a description of what is in it!

Troy S.
Minneapolis, MN
Post #: 22
Dave, Great idea!

Here's a link to by Blog:
Open Gateways

Description: Mainly my blog is a place to share GMing idea on how to improve the current system that I'm playing, often the improvements are system agnostic. Additionally, I post ideas about my current projects and thoughts on what to do next.

My latest entries are on how to make "The journey" a more integrated part of the campaign, using my idea of journey Roles and role playing aides Travel Tiles.
Troy S.
Minneapolis, MN
Post #: 23
I wasn't sure where to put this, but I figured its more closely related to this topic on Blogs. It could have gone under the Game-Crafter one as well.

I've been working on the idea of Journey Roles to be used with Travel Tiles, and here are some (small, but but larger ones are found on the blog as well) images of what these will look like when I print them.

Travel Tiles

The full description of their use is also on the blog here:Travel System with the roles discussed here: Journey Roles

Saint Paul, MN
Post #: 11
Here's mine: Triple Crit - Writing, Role-playing, and Gamemasting

Description: Aimed at the more creative side of gaming, there's something on my blog for storytellers of all sorts, be they behind the GM screen, keyboard, or character sheet. In addition to general articles on adventure and game design, role-playing and OOC issues, as well as writer's block and revision, I have some product reviews, resources for Legend of the Five Rings and Savage Worlds, as well as my thoughts on women in gaming.
Nate C.
user 2284310
Minneapolis, MN
Post #: 5
My blog is <>; it provides supplemental material for OGL historical pirate-themed gaming.

Troy S.
Minneapolis, MN
Post #: 24
Nate, i believe your "@" should be a ".", Here's a link: d20pirates
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