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Message from Marlon Bowser - CEO

Hands-up who visited the Technology for Marketing and Advertising show last month?

It's a bitter irony, but the Achilles Heel of the high-tech world has always been, and probably always will be, marketing. Technology has a bad habit of inventing itself, not out of necessity but simply because it can.

Mobile technology is pervasive in our lives, and the opportunity for businesses to use it for marketing and customer service are tremendous, or at least that's the view of the high-tech companies producing it.

But as people we react slowly to change whereas technology moves very fast, widening the chasm between the early adopters and the mass market. A lot of truly great innovations fall into that chasm and TFM&A should have thrown a lifeline, but as a customer walking around the show I simply wasn't engaged.

As people we like talking to other people about things we share a common interest in, to swap information and exchange experiences. We learn from each other. But if we happen to be on one side of the chasm and want to hear the news from the other side, we need to make our voices carry further.

At HTK we recognise that in order to provide our customers with real innovation - to solve big problems by doing things in new and better ways - we need to engage, offline as well as online, and we need to listen.

In short, let's talk.

If you're involved in the world of mobile communications, or simply interested in the whole area of customer contact through mobile and multi-media, then why not come along to the HTK Mobile Meetup!

Mobile meetup, based in London, is a community with a common interest in mobile communications. However, our interest goes beyond the mobile - crossing over into web media, marketing an all things digital.

It's a monthly event and free to come along, so whether you want to talk about your own experiences or find out what's going on in the mobile space, or have relaxed chat with like-minded people, to share your ideas and make sure you're up-to-speed with the latest the industry has to offer, Mobile Meetup is for you.

You can find out more information at

Interactive voice and messaging can let you reach more customers, more of the time and at lower cost, to increase your sales and improve customer service. But how do you discover what's possible, practical and sensible for your business? The HTK Discovery Workshop is a great place to start.

The Workshop is about understanding your organisation, listening to your goals and showing you proven ways to achieve measurable business objectives. The Trial is about making it happen, fast.

HTK can help you to identify business processes that could be enhanced through interactive voice and messaging; to reduce your operating costs, improve the customer experience and even create differential business value that could extend customer loyalty.

- Evaluate the latest technology
- Measure customer satisfaction
- Quantify business benefit
If you'd like to find out what's possible and hear real-life case-studies that are relevant to your business, then why not invite us along to show you some demonstrations and talk about your business and your goals.
To register for your free Discovery Workshop, just complete the form at, or call us on[masked], or email [address removed]

HTK Prompt-2 services save organisations time and money by sending targeted and highly personalised messages to customers and other stakeholders through fast, convenient and low-cost communication channels such as interactive voice, mobile messaging and email, rather than postal mail or labour-intensive contact centre operations.

HTK Prompt-2-Buy
"Our customers don't see it as intrusive marketing, so we can make more frequent contact. Renewals have increased by 17%"

HTK Prompt-2-Buy allows you to leverage your information about customers and prospects, to tailor messages for highly personalised multi-channel 1-to-1 proposition marketing.

Equally personalised inbound response channels, based on known customer preferences, enable targeted call-to-action campaigns with stunning sale conversion rates.
? Increase response rates and sales
? Reduce the cost of service
? Build customer loyalty

HTK Prompt-2-Pay
"We've reduced our cost of debt recovery by 42% and yet we're collecting 50% more than before! It's a tremendous success"

HTK Prompt-2-Pay enables you to engage customers earlier in the debt cycle, with an automated but sensitively scripted reminder that can help to bring in payment sooner.

Businesses using automated notification have seen a 96% increase in payments within five days of contact. What's more, customers really value the service.
? Lower the cost to collect
? Reduce bad debts
? Improve cash flow

HTK Prompt-2-Attend
"Response to the initiative has been terrific and the reduction in non-attendance has exceeded the business case expectation"

HTK Prompt-2-Attend allows you to contact clients a day or several days prior to their appointment, to remind them of the details and confirm attendance.
Up to 40% of no-shows are simply because people forget. Depending on the scenario, reductions in non-attendance by 50% to 90% are not uncommon.
? Reduce non-attendance
? Cut the cost of rebooking
? Improve use of resources
Thanks for taking the time to read our newsletter. If you would like more details on our products and services please don't hesitate to get in touch.

Marlon Bowser ? CEO

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