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List of "Submit Your Work Challenge" Resources

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Houston, TX
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Hey all,

Here is a list of all suggested websites, publications, etc. to submit your work to for the challenge. Feel free to post any other resources you may have and I will update this list accordingly.

Choose a contest, publication, or other goal, and post your choice as a response to this message. Challenge members, please try and have a goal posted by May 29, 2012.

The challenge is to have an article submitted for publication by August 2, 2012.

The list:

Poets & Writers Contests
Writer's Digest Contests
Toasted Cheese Literary Journal:
---Toasted Cheese Contests
---Toasted Cheese Year-Round Submissions
Texas Review Competition (Long Form)
Southern Review (Submit starting September 1st)
New Delta Review
Narrative Magazine
Glimmer Train
The First Line
Mslexia (for women writers)
Walter William S.
user 35121182
Houston, TX
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Contests....Contests...Contests....Noo­oooo please


While the wind outside screams at his highness Death,
Me and Charles Dickens are having a friendly talk,
Along with a glass of whiskey, our old pal.
"You were a famous writer even while you were alive,
And me... I am but one of many..."
I complained to my brother in arms.

"If you could choose between fame
And fancy, what would you choose?"
His voice inaudible to human ears,
But so very audible to a brotherly heart,
And the alcoholic haze
Hovering above his wise head
Like some saint's aureola.

Full of some kind of false hope I replied:
"Five minutes of fame wouldn't hurt inspiration."
I clearly heard his laughter and his voice
Full of self-loathing sarcasm:
"Art is conceived in the soul,
And the soul knows no material math..."

"How can I touch the holy spirit of mother Art?"
I asked in desperation.
"Only your imagination can give you the answer!"
"My imagination?" I repeated, looking at him
As if he was out of his mind, not out of heaven.

The old light bulb is faintly shining,
Gildening the face of my friend,
Who keeps looking at me so wisely,
And his voice travelling time and space
Like a timeless answer:
"Imagination is what makes a writer!"
"Does it?" I replied insecurely.
"Imagination gives birth to inspiration,
And any writer is an orphan without it..."

"And fame?"
I asked him, entirely insecure.
"Fame is a thief, my brother in arms!...
Imagination is all you need!"

Charles is enjoying the cigarette smoke,
While my heart keeps coughing.
"Why is imagination more important than fame?"
I asked him, entirely insecure,
Tightly holding on to a copy of 'Oliver Twist'.
"If it wasn't for imagination,
You and me would never have this talk!"
And in that answer I found the holy grail
For tired inspiration.

©Walter William Safar

user 6278528
Houston, TX
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A few weeks ago I ran into Jason Aydelotte, Executive Director of Grey Gecko Press (we have some mutual friends) and we had a great conversation about the business (which he launched within the last year. He lives in the Houston/Katy area) and possibilities for the future (editing, literary translation, submission of a children's book that I wrote awhile back and need to send out again). Although the company hasn't published children's books (yet), Jason said that as long as my book (or any book) doesn't fall into one of the three categories that the company won't publish (see submissions page), it would be looked at. So I will submit it to him. And as he seems very hardworking and to have a lot of great ideas about his company, I would suggest that anyone who has a book completed or nearly completed check out Grey Gecko Press. There's quite a bit of sci-fi/fantasy stuff in their catalog so far (I can think of a few members of our group that might have work that would fit that category!), but there is some variety. Here's the link to the website:

user 6278528
Houston, TX
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Chicken Soup for the Soul is always looking for short memoir pieces for their books. There are a number of deadlines coming up for upcoming collections. Topics include single women, parenting, and inspirational pieces for writers. The online submission process is easy, but it can take a while to hear back. By the time I got my acceptance email for a piece I had submitted years before, I had forgotten that I had ever sent anything to Chicken Soup for the Soul and I almost deleted the email thinking that it was spam. ;)

Here's the link to upcoming deadlines for pieces and the submission guidelines. Submissions (essays or poems) should be 1,200 words or shorter.



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Houston, TX
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I am working two books now that I need to finish. So, if I am choosing one for this challenge, it will be the YA fiction book I am working on. I will finish it and have it submitted for publication by August 2nd.

Is it ok that its not an article or a contest?
Andrea C.
user 16453081
Houston, TX
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I'm focusing on my superyacht novel at the moment, but have a short story I wrote earlier - the re-write of 'pass it on', that I thought might suit the Family Circle competition. Don't think I have anything literary enough for Glimmer Train this time around.
Barnes C.
user 35432302
Houston, TX
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I am planning to submit a short story and an essay to The Texas Review, and some book chapters to an literary agent, both by the deadline.
Houston, TX
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I am going to write and submit something to the First Line fall contest. The August 1 deadline will get me in just under the wire!
user 4154150
Katy, TX
Post #: 79
I will be working on a short story for the challenge.

All new and it's a romance. Sort of.

Glimmer Train? Anywhere they take weird short stories?

Heather T.
user 11624687
Houston, TX
Post #: 11
Depending on the amount of time I can devote to this, I will either be writing something new (short story), or sprucing up an old short story from college for either glimmer train, or narrative magazine. Glimmer train's is due June 30th, and narrative magazine's July 31st!

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