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Announcement: A memorial for Charlie & Ruth Mason -   October greetings fellow Freethinkers... As many of you know, we lost our beloved friends and long-time NCWF members, Charlie & Ruth Mason, who bo Kate & Jerry Oct 11, 2013 10:38 PM
August Meetup, part two -   Hello fellow Freethinkers!  Pending decent weather - this is just a reminder that anyone who'd like to extend your Friday evening a bit after the meetup is welcome to head up to our place (Brender Canyon area, about 12 min. west of Cashmere Kate & Jerry Aug 25, 2013 4:13 PM
Re: Clara & Marion Lakes hikes -   I just wanted to say HI to everyone and encourage you to check out the recent photos posted of a beautiful hike some of our members (plus canines) took together in late July.  A really pretty local wilderness trail (up near Mission Ridge) t Kate & Jerry Jul 31, 2013 12:44 AM
July Meetup after-party -   Hey gang - anyone wanting to extend your evening by going for a swim in a nice, warm, non-chlorine pool in a beautiful and private mountain setting (Kate & Jerry's house) - you're welcome!  We usually do this after a meetup a couple of Kate & Jerry Jul 18, 2013 9:23 PM
Summer Meetups - Hi everyone!  I've just scheduled all the meetups for the next four months at the Walla Walla Chelan Co. PUD Park in Wenatchee (our favorite hang-out for warm weather!).  Jerry & I have scheduled all these in advance to the park which is reserved Kate & Jerry Jun 12, 2013 1:25 AM
May Freethinkers Meetup & picnic - Hi group!  Just a quick note to mention to those of you who were planning to attend tomorrow's Meetup that the weather forecast is sorta "iffy", but still projected to be moderate temps with part sun, possible light sprinkles daytime but no wind, and Kate & Jerry May 23, 2013 6:17 PM
Meetup details changed: NCWF April Meetup - Meetup details changed - Same location, different name!! - I've updated this Meetup. For more details, see the full listing:­thinkers/events/114941502/ When : Friday, April 26, 201 Kate & Jerry Apr 24, 2013 3:28 PM
Re: [NCW-Freethinkers] A field trip 'op' for NCW Freethinkers! - Thanks Kate - Sorry I have had trouble getting to the Meet-ups. And once again I can't make the next one - we are traveling to Scotland to see my son who is there as an exchange student. So I will try and get to the next meet-up in April. I hop kurt Mar 21, 2013 11:40 AM
A field trip 'op' for NCW Freethinkers! - Attention all members! On January 27th I heard from Loren Price, one of our members & group leaders from Canada who is interested in networking with regional groups, of which there are many. To those who may not be aware, our Ca Kate & Jerry Mar 14, 2013 6:18 PM
More about the NFA 2013 Conference - Just this morning, from one of our members, Loren Price, from Kelowna, Canada: Hi Kate and Jerry We have also finalized our speakers roster for Imagine No Religion 3 in Kamloops BC.  Advanced tickets will Kate & Jerry Oct 22, 2012 3:57 PM
[NWFreethoughtCoalition] 2013 NFA Conference! - Mark your calanders NCW Freethinkers!  The 2013 NFA Conference has just been announced!  Details here: [NWFreethoughtCoalition] 2013 NFA Conference! Kate & Jerry Oct 21, 2012 10:01 PM
Invitation to Humanist Focus Group of Spokane banquet w/ David Niose speaker - ATTENTION all NCWFreethinkers!  We have rec'd an invitaion to attend a banquet in Spokane on Nov. 18th, put on by the Humanist Focus Group of Spokane. David Niose, President of the American Humanist Assoc. will be the keynote speaker! (see more info b Kate & Jerry Oct 21, 2012 8:25 PM
Salvation Army campaign - Hello again everyone, after another great meetup. I made my little presentation about the Salvation Army campaign and I think there was general agreement as to the tactics that we're going to use, if not consensus about how they will be linked. The t Francois Tremblay Aug 18, 2012 9:29 PM
Salvation Army alert - Hello everyone. The Salvation Army is currently busy getting its grubby little homophobic hands on people's money in the middle of summer. I was planning on telling people about this later, but I made a little flyer to be distributed to Salvation Army Francois Tremblay Aug 6, 2012 11:54 AM
pre-picnic missive from Kate - Hi there everyone! - just ONE more message before the picnic on Sunday (I think!); I wanted to let you all know that we've been able to collect the $200 minimum needed for the second billboard, and its presentation i Kate & Jerry Jul 20, 2012 7:25 PM
July picnic Meetup & billboard - Hi group!  Just a little more info regarding the location for our summer picnic..  The shelter (#2) is in a very pretty & private spot next to the water, just a short walk from the main parking lot at Walla Walla Point Park (map to the park is li Kate & Jerry Jul 12, 2012 5:48 PM
Re: - NCWF/FFRF billboard: "God & Gov't - A Dangerous Mix" - Hi again NCWF members! GREAT NEWS!! - we have a chance to have a VERY inexpensive SECOND "Separation" billboard go up in our region on behalf of our group & the Freedom From Religion Foundation (FFRF). They will pay for the first Kate & Jerry Jun 15, 2012 11:52 PM
NCW-Freethinkers June Meetup - Hello again fellow NCW-Freethinkers, and happy June!  The usual dinner gathering - beers out after for anyone who wants to hang out.  Open discussions at this meetup so please bring your ideas, show & tell &/or anything else you might find of Kate & Jerry Jun 14, 2012 12:08 AM
April Meetup - Hey everybody! "Kate the Late and Semi-Great" here.. Just being in touch to let you know I've been down for a bit bu am definitely still alive and thinking about this group of ours! We had such a nice time at the 'Solstice Social' Mee Kate & Jerry Mar 30, 2012 11:41 PM
Meet-up - Charlie Mason Mar 30, 2012 4:48 AM
Re: [NCW-Freethinkers] Next meetup - Chris Gilman Mar 29, 2012 8:24 AM
Re: [NCW-Freethinkers] project WAS: Next meetup - On Mar 29, 2012, at 1:35 AM, Francois Tremblay wrote: Sam Mar 29, 2012 2:07 AM
Next meetup - All right everyone, since Kate is still on the fritz, I thought we might as well just go ahead and schedule a new meetup. Admins, what say you? I don't seem to have the capacity to set meetups, only to suggest, so one of you will have to do it. At lea Francois Tremblay Mar 29, 2012 1:35 AM
Dec. Meetup - A Winter Solstice Party! - Attention all NCW Freethinkers! IT'S A PARTY!!!! Our Dec. Meetup is going to be a special one this year - we're going to have a "Winter Solstice Social" hosted by two Kate & Jerry Nov 28, 2011 10:39 PM
NCWF venue poll - I've posted a poll at our Meetup site asking members where they'd like to meet next month. Date to be posted, as my work schedule will be changing and is yet unknown. Will close the poll about two weeks prior to the meetup, so please v Kate & Jerry Oct 17, 2011 2:47 AM
Meetup Cancelled: August Meetup - August Meetup, scheduled to occur on Friday, August 19, 2011 6:00 PM has been cancelled. Please update your plans accordingly. Francois won't be able to attend and there doesn't seem to be any further so this meetup is kaput. If you David Aug 13, 2011 11:00 PM
Re: [NCW-Freethinkers] OMG! - Preview not available John Barnes Dec 20, 2010 3:11 PM
OMG! - Charlie Mason Dec 20, 2010 10:42 AM
Something to discuss this Friday - Charlie Mason Dec 6, 2010 6:16 AM
RE: [NCW-Freethinkers] Recap of NCWF Nov. Meetup - Any venue is fine with me. Maureen Maureen Stivers Nov 20, 2010 9:28 AM
Recap of NCWF Nov. Meetup - Hello NCW-Freethinker friends! Hope you've all been getting in the mood for winter and enjoying the season. We've had some snow sticking around up at our place in the mts behind Cashmere of late, so we're enjoying the cozy atmosphere & all the great Kate & Jerry Nov 19, 2010 10:31 PM
Kate & Jerry added a post - p.s. I've added a necessary question to the poll regarding Shari's, please note. Kate & Jerry Nov 15, 2010 12:27 AM
NCW Freethinkers venues & poll - Hello Group! I'm posting a poll on our site on the subject of venues and would appreciate your feedback. It seems at least one of our members won't come as long as we meet at Shari's, so I'm asking for input on this so I can get some stats. I want every Kate & Jerry Nov 14, 2010 7:41 PM
Recap of NCWF Oct. Meetup - Hey there everyone! Thanks for coming to this month's Meetup, those who could make it -- those who couldn't this time, we definitely missed you, but you'll have another chance to try out the great setting at Shari's next month -- see the latest Meetup da Kate & Jerry Oct 17, 2010 12:32 AM
New Meetup: NCW Freethinkers - Announcing a new Meetup for NCW Freethinkers! What : NCW Freethinkers When : Friday, October 15, 2010 6:00 PM Where : Shari's Resta Kate & Jerry Sep 30, 2010 3:42 AM
Meetup details changed: NCW-Freethinkers Sept. 24th Meetup - I've updated this Meetup. For more details, see the full listing:­thinkers/calendar/14522426/ When : Friday, September 24, 2010 6:0 Kate & Jerry Aug 25, 2010 7:54 AM
New Meetup: NCW-Freethinkers Sept. '10 Meetup - Announcing a new Meetup for NCW Freethinkers! What : NCW-Freethinkers Sept. '10 Meetup When : Friday, September 24, 2010 5:00 PM Where Kate & Jerry Aug 24, 2010 1:16 AM
Recap of Aug. NCWF Meetup & Discussions - Thank-you everyone who joined us this August for our 5th NCWF Meetup!! It was another nice evening with 17 attendees, discussions & information-sharing, including a preview & pass-around copy of Charlie's book on the fascinating geology of our reg Kate & Jerry Aug 24, 2010 12:52 AM
some ideas for Aug. Meetup! - Subject: some ideas for Aug. Meetup! Greetings & Salutations to our fellow Freethinkers! Our next Meetup is just 6 days away, and I wanted to offer a couple of suggestions. We'll be in a setting that will more easily allow for b Kate & Jerry Aug 14, 2010 2:24 AM
some ideas for Aug. Meetup! - Greetings & Salutations to our fellow Freethinkers! Our next Meetup is just 6 days away, and I wanted to offer a couple of suggestions. We'll be in a setting that will more easily allow for better "whole group" discussions (as Kate & Jerry Aug 14, 2010 2:20 AM
August Meetup - Hello everyone! Sorry for any confusion; this website does not make it easy to change details about Meetups and I am no computer wizard. The CURRENT posting on the website will always be the correct one, but it seems folks are getting auto-gen Kate & Jerry Aug 9, 2010 1:13 AM
New Meetup: August Meetup - Announcing a new Meetup for NCW Freethinkers! What : August Meetup When : Friday, August 20, 2010 5:00 PM Where : Godfather's Pizza Kate & Jerry Aug 5, 2010 10:47 PM
August Meetup - Okay Meetup friends! As mentioned previously about the possibility of changing the next Meetup date to the previous night (Friday) to accommodate other members, the only two who had rsvp'd yes for the 21st (Sat.) have responded to my inquires that they c Kate & Jerry Aug 5, 2010 10:27 PM
New Meetup: NCW Freethinkers - Announcing a new Meetup for NCW Freethinkers! What : NCW Freethinkers When : Saturday, August 21, 2010 5:00 PM Where : Godfather's Kate & Jerry Aug 5, 2010 1:20 PM
This Saturday's (July) Meetup - Hello NCWF group members! Hope you've been having a great July!! Our next Meetup is this Saturday (see posting for details) and I thought I'd be in touch to mention a few things. It looks like there'll be about a dozen or so of us (those who've not RSV Kate & Jerry Jul 22, 2010 4:19 AM
Meetup details changed: NCW Freethinkers July Meetup - I've updated this Meetup to Sat., July 24th so that more can arrive by late afternoon. No other changes -- see the full listing at:­thinkers/calendar/1 Kate & Jerry Jun 30, 2010 8:41 AM
Re: [NCW-Freethinkers] Kate & Jerry added a post - Whatever date you guys choose, please choose it quick, so I can request it. On Mon, Jun 28, 2010 at 5:57 PM, Kate & Jerry wrote: > Hey there group! -- please let me know if you'd rather have the picnic on > Saturday the 24th inst Francois Tremblay Jun 28, 2010 6:00 PM
Kate & Jerry added a post - Hey there group! -- please let me know if you'd rather have the picnic on Saturday the 24th instead...just a thought, as it would be nice to start at 4, and some might not be able to make it that early on a weekday...... Kate & Jerry Jun 28, 2010 5:57 PM
Re: [NCW-Freethinkers] Re: June Meetup - Sounds like a great idea. When is the next meetup? user 10974949 Jun 27, 2010 2:42 AM
Re: June Meetup - Hello everyone! Just wanted to say what a wonderful time Jerry, David & I had at the Meetup on Friday and thank you all so much for coming!! It sure does help a whole lot to be able to see & hear everyone during dinner, doesn't it? China Buffet Kate & Jerry Jun 26, 2010 10:49 PM
RSVP's - Just FYI -- it's always okay to RSVP 'maybe' (or just show up if you don't mind risking having to squeeze in!). Didn't have that setting correct but will fix that for next time.... Kate & Jerry May 31, 2010 12:31 AM
May 27th Meetup - Hey there NCWF Members! Check out our first group photo -- the first of many, I hope! For those of you who made it to the last gathering, it was really great to see you and get to meet some new faces -- and for those who couldn't make it, we'll really l Kate & Jerry May 31, 2010 12:08 AM
final date for next Meetup - OKAY everyone! -- jury's in, we'll keep the original date of Thursday the 27th, as this will still allow the majority to attend (including some new faces!). We'll really miss Jay this time (and anyone else who might not make it!), but next time will like Kate & Jerry May 23, 2010 9:16 AM
our next Meetup date - Dear NCWF members! I've had notice from three of our members that they either can't make it at all or would have to arrive late for our next Meetup on the 27th. There has been some suggestion that Friday or Saturday nights would be better, so I'm puttin Kate & Jerry May 20, 2010 10:15 PM
NCW Freethinkers Meetup at McGlinn's - Hello everyone! Just a reminder that we'll be having our first gathering at McGlinn's this Thursday at 6 p.m. and are very much looking forward to meeting those of you who can attend. Those who can't, we'll look forward to that next time! McGlinn's doe Kate & Jerry Apr 27, 2010 9:47 AM
Do you have ideas for our next Meetup? - NCW Freethinkers needs your help with ideas for our next Meetup! If you have suggestions about a venue to meet, an activity, or anything else -- please let us know! You can suggest an idea here: Kate & Jerry Mar 29, 2010 8:43 AM
Kate & Jerry Humrich added a post - We will select the date and venue for our very first Meetup following the addition of the first members to sign on to this group, so watch for this soon! Kate & Jerry Mar 28, 2010 3:52 AM

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