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Hello All!

I'm expanding my little Yoga Company, A lot of Beautiful, Yoga Lifestyle for Everyone to include Mommy and Me Yoga Classes for infants to toddlers and their moms/dads/nannies/guardians/family members etc. ! I've attatched the invitation below with all the information and was hoping you all could spread the word to friends and family who live in the Nassau County Area.��

Thank you so much!

Be Happy, Be Well,

Amanda DiGiovanna CYT
Owner, Alot of Beautiful, Yoga Lifestyle for Everyone
Certified Yoga Instructor
Holistic Lifestyle Consultant
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Subject: A lot of beautiful, yoga lifestyle for everyone invites you to Mommy and Me Yoga in RVC and Garden City ()
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Date: Sunday, March 15, 2009, 4:46 PM

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.��Find time to deeply connect with your baby through yoga.

.Help your Baby grow stronger, sleep longer, & digest better.

The demand our environment puts on babies is more excessive than ever! Televisions, computers, electronic toys, videos, so many things can excite or stress a baby with constant stimulation. As a result, babies are seldom given the opportunity to relax, and they tend to be kept as busy as their parents.


Yoga teaches babies and adults how to experience relaxation and bring their bodies back to a quiet alert state. Baby Yoga Teaches parents how to support their baby���s physical development and movement as nature intended. It empowers parents and caregivers with the techniques and confidence needed to pull them through the more challenging days, and relish in all the others.


In class you will find out how certain positions play a necessary role in your baby���s physical development. You will also learn to support your baby���s physical development and the natural flow of unfolding gross motor skills. Babies who experience yoga grow to have greater body awareness and positive self-image as they develop into toddlers and preschoolers.


Parents who practice Baby yoga with their infants and toddlers notice a deeper parent-child bond, better sleep for everyone, and greater confidence in their parenting skills, which leads to less stress and anxiety.


For repeat parents, Baby Yoga is also a special way to spend individual time with children born later in the birth order. By incorporating yoga into your baby���s day, you can be confident you will begin to notice many benefits.

Top 12 reasons why babies and toddlers need yoga

To help them sleep better and longer

To improve digestion and ease gas pain and colic

To turn fussiness into happiness

To promote a healthy, physically fit lifestyle

To strengthen the parent-child bond

To increase neuromuscular development

To cultivate self esteem and a positive body image

To boost the immune system

To reduce stress and develop relaxation techniques

To reduce anxiety

To increase body awareness

To aid the natural development of movement from birth to walking

(list from itsybitsyyoga)

Sign up today and tell all your friends!��Please register ASAP as space is limited. To register, purchase space online (http://mommyandmeyoga.eventbrite.com) and send email to��[address removed]��stating you and your baby���s names, your baby���s age, your phone number, and what you hope to gain from mommy and me yoga classes.



Classes held at Thinkertots: 17 S. Village Ave, Rockville Centre

Dates: March 24th-April 21st

Times: Tuesday afternoons 4:30 pm

Price: $85.00


Classes held at the Garden City Community Church: 245 Stewart Ave. Garden City, New York

Dates: March30th- May 4th (no class easter monday april 13th)

Times: Monday Mornings 9:15am

Price: $85.00

You are invited to the following event:
Mommy and Me Yoga in RVC and Garden City

17 south village ave
Rockville Centre, NY
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