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Wadsworth, OH
I am putting out a call out for topics.  If we could build a backlog of topics, I think it will help the meetup to occur more regularly.
Topics can be of the following variety

  • I have this code and I think it's awesome
  • I have this code and don't know what to do with it
  • Look at this library I found
  • Here's an explanation for: monads/category theory/functional composition/lambda calculus/whatever

I also want "labs" - coding exercises that the whole group can participate in.  In fact, I hope that with this group we spend more time coding than presenting.
Just because you propose a topic doesn't mean you have to present it.  It just means that you are interested in it.  If others share your interest, we will find a way to get the topic run, and schedule a meetup for it.
Please use the meetup site's "Suggest a new meetup" feature to submit your ideas.
Thanks!  Let the ideas fly!
Clarkston, MI
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Common Functional Idioms (accumulator in recursive calls etc.)
Ricky E.
Akron, OH
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A lot of these are inspired by the Brisbane FP group:­

  • Functional programming with the stars: This one probably has to wait until we get big enough that it's reasonable, but basically bring in a panel of people who are well-known in the FP community, and have a discussion/debate with them, in a moderated fashion.
  • Introduction to <some awesome library>: Introduce us to your favorite FP-related library. Some examples are: Argonaut (a JSON library for Scala), Aeson (a JSON library for Haskell), Lens (a Lens library for Haskell), scalaz (a FP that fixes a lot of issues with Scala, in a functional way), etc. There's a lot of neat libraries out there that make doing "real-world" work very concise and readable.
  • Functional programming in "the real world": Have an awesome example of where certain FP concepts are being used? Come show it off and explain how FP made your job easier.
  • So what does the M-word mean, anyway?: This could be based on Tony Morris's talk (­) - Why do we use monads to control effects like IO? Where do we see monads in practice (they are common)? Let's debunk myths about them and show what they can do.
  • Hole-driven development in Haskell
  • Semigroups, Monoids, and Trees: What are they? Why do they matter? How common are they? (spoiler: very).
  • Functional AltJS: Using functional programming to compile down to JavaScript. We can have talks about each of: PureScript, Roy, GHCJS, and so on.
  • Functional Reacitve Programming: We can look at the Elm language as well as FRP libraries for Haskell (such as Grapefruit)
  • Introduction to dependent types: Let's take a look at Idris or Agda and see what all the hype around dependent typing is about. It's pretty neat.
  • Free theorems: What are they, why are they useful?

Do any of these sound fun to anyone? I was thinking maybe we could try to get a meetup in this month and maybe do a presentation + small Christmas/holiday party next month (December)? Food and a presentation or something?
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