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What is Natural Family Planning (NFP)?

  • NFP is a means of reading the body's signs of fertility and infertility.
  • There are various methods of NFP, the most commonly used are the Sympto Thermal Method and Ovulation Method.
  • Applying the Sympto-Thermal Method (STM) is 99% effective in postponing pregnancy.
  • A married couple can use NFP knowledge to plan or postpone pregnancy.

Why do we list Catholic as a topic for the Meetup Group?

  • We believe that NFP knowledge should be widespread. It is knowledge about who we are as human persons, about how to live with the bodies we have and the circumstances that we find ourselves in. Catholic is the Greek word for universal, and we would like to see this knowledge, and the physical and mental health it can bring, become widespread.
  • We also list Catholic because the Catholic church fully supports use of NFP in marriage and teaches against unnatural forms of birth control. This teaching is based on the Church's high view of the human person and of the sacrament of marriage.
  • The information provided in the classes listed on our brochures does not conflict with, but rather supports Catholic teaching and its view of marriage.

What does NFP have to do with Breastfeeding?

  • After the birth of a child the return of fertility for the mother is affected by several factors, but it is primarily dependent on how a mother feeds her baby. For example, for a bottle feeding mother fertility will normally return by 7-9 weeks postpartum with a maximum of 12 weeks postpartum. On the other hand, a mother exclusively breastfeeding generally will remain highly infertile during the first six months postpartum. There is a range in between due to various factors. These are discussed in an NFP class that covers this topic. An NFP class teaches how to determine the return of fertility after childbirth whether the mother is bottle feeding, partially breastfeeding or exclusively breastfeeding. (Couple to Couple League classes cover this topic)
  • We are also big proponents of infant breastfeeding due to the extensive benefits it has been shown to produce for both the mother and child. These benefits fall into the categories of cognitive, economic, environmental, health of baby and mother, immunological, nutritional, psychological and social.

Why is Natural Family Planning identified as Marriage Supporting?

  • Much can be said on this subject, and in fact, whole books have been written on it and week long presentations! For very good resources about this topic see the central panel of our flyer posted in the Files section.
  • In brief we could say that a good marriage encompasses these characteristics, each spouse loves the other freely, fully, faithfully, fruitfully and forever. We see this in the traditional marriage questions. Do you come here freely? (Not out of fear or compulsion.) Do you give yourself in sickness and in health, for better for worse, in sickness and in health (to love fully.) Do you promise to be true to each other (Faithful.) Will you accept and raise children as gifts from God (Fruitful.) Till death do you part (Forever.)
  • Contraceptive use negates these promises both physically and spiritually. Sometimes these negations are intentional by the couple but most often they are unintentional and undermine their union in unexpected ways. Our experience is that couples who come off contraceptives and choose to use NFP based on new knowledge of the innate beauty of both their physical and spiritual makeup, and the depth of love to which they are called, find that their marriage blossoms in multiple ways.

What does NFP have to do with Trying to Conceive?

  • Once a couple understands their fertility cycle they can use this powerful knowledge to either postpone pregnancy or to try to conceive a child. Many infertility clinics will ask a woman to chart the same information about her cycle that an NFP instructor will teach her to chart. One of our greatest joys is helping mildly infertile couples learn enough about their fertility to achieve pregnancy.

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