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How far are YOU willing to fly?

Here's the million-dollar question for our fly-over meetups...how far are you willing to fly to get to a meetup? Answering this poll helps us organize, plan, and come up with a diverse calendar of meetups that maximizes the benefit to the whole group. Rate each selction on a scale of 1-10. Let each whole number represent 50 miles. Use your home airport as the starting point reference. 1 = 50nm, 2 = 100nm, 3 = 150nm, 4 = 200nm, 5 = 250nm, 6 = 300nm, 7 = 350nm, 8 = 400nm, 9 = 450nm, 10= 500nm (Disregard the "Rate each option..." statement below and remember it's Nautical Miles!)

Jan 24, 2010 33 so far

Identifying NEPG members at meetups...

At NEPG events, what's the best way to make NEPG members identifiable to one another in restaurants, museums, or other places? (If you have an idea not listed, email it to me and I'll post it).

Jan 17, 2010 26 so far

What exactly makes up the "Perfect Home Airport?"

Ok, so we all have our "home base" airport where we fly out of. If we were to create the "Perfect Home Airport," how important are these attributes?

Jan 13, 2010 19 so far

AOPA - Does it serve GA well?

What's your take on the Aircraft Pilots and Owners Association- does it do well by General Aviation? Is it worth the money?

Jan 13, 2010 24 so far

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