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Sunday Pickup Games - Issues recently

Chris W.
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Group Organizer
Libertyville, IL
We've had some issues recently that we need to resolve.
1. The location for our games on Sundays
2. The level of play/separating the group for competitive games
3. Some players avoid setting the female players/don't allow them to hit.  (This one affects the competitive games on Weds also)

First, I've had some positive and negative feedback regarding our switch to Crossroads for Sundays. On the PRO side:
1. The nets are nice 2. They have lines setup (no need to bring our own) 3. They have food/drinks available 4. The wading pool is nice.
On the CON side:
1. They don't really have a shaded area to hang out other than the bar 2. The Sand is pretty hard (Although I think they're going to fix it) 3. They only have 2 courts. Some people have asked to find a venue with more courts.
I'm open to switching back to the park district or looking for somewhere else.  Jesse Oaks in Gages Lake is an option.  They have 4 nets, but I'm not sure if they are busy with other players on Sundays.  Please let me know your thoughts.  You can email me or vote here -­

Second, I got some very mixed feedback from this past Sunday when I wasn't there.  It seems that some competitive players split the group into a competitive net and a non-competitive net.  In the past we haven't really had issues, but it seems like it didn't work this time.  Our Sunday games are open to ALL players including families.  We don't allow young kids to play due to safety issues, but everyone is welcome regardless of skill level.  I understand that competitive players want competitive games, but I don't want to alienate other players by excluding them.
I have a couple ideas, and I'd love feedback.
1.  1-3PM we have all players mixed together to form even teams.  3-5PM We split to competitive net & REC net.  Players will opt which net to play on, but no one will be a "judge" of whether someone can play on the competitive net.
2. Some other groups I've gone to have had Competitive net / rec net sign up for each event.  If you sign up for the competitive net, you only play on that net.  If you sign up for the competitive net, and aren't up to competitive level, an organizer will ask you to sign up for the REC net for future events.
3. We stay mixed the entire time.  Once the group gets smaller towards the end (16 players or so) we have 1 net for 2v2 & the other net for mixed 6v6.  Players could rotate out of the 6v6 to the 2v2 and back after their games.  It would be STRICT 2v2.  Otherwise, I foresee the competitive players drifting there for 3v3 - 4v4 - and the other net getting ignored again.
If you have other ideas, let me know.

Last, I get complaints weekly from females who feel like they're completely ignored when they're in the front hitting positions.  There are certain players who seem to go out of their way (including setting back row) rather than setting a female hitter.  This is not acceptable.  In the mixed games on Sundays, I'd prefer no switching.  Everyone should set.  Everyone should hit.  It's not that serious.  If I notice you're not letting females hit, I'm going to start calling you out.

Thanks for taking the time to read this, and respond with your thoughts.  I want the group to keep growing and getting better.

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Libertyville, IL
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I have been playing at Jesse Oaks on Sunday afternoons and like the venue. There is typically a small crowd playing 2v2 on one court. Frequently, a second court gets occupied during the mid-afternoon with 4v4 or 6v6. If we start at 1.00, I would expect 2 or 3 vacant courts.
Pros: 4 courts , shade (some courts more than others), shower heads, wind-protected
Cons: JO's has and "everybody can play" culture. -> You will have walk-ons, which may it difficult to enforce "Meet-Up"-rules!

JO vs Park District (and this should go without saying): While JO-staff does a great job providing players with pitchers of ice water, we should buy drinks/food at JO's! (The use of the courts is free.)


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