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Beach Meetup Ideas

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Saint Albans, NY
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This is a copy and paste from a message I sent to Howie, who suggested this great idea. These are only my initial thoughts, feedback very much appreciated.

Out of the New York City beaches, most are very easy to get to by public transportation. The main concerns with these are safety, cleanliness and quality. We also have the option of making this a more casual thing where everyone shows up and shoots before going their separate ways versus planning on an overnight stay in a motel or something. This would make the possibility of visiting a much nicer Long Island or NJ beach much more feasible.

  • My top pick would likely be Rockaway beach; easily accessible via the A train, relatively clean, decent area.
  • Far Rockaway deserves mention if not recommendation. The beach is kind of nice. Wandering too far from it might be suicidal.
  • Coney Island would be awesome because it's Coney Island. It's easy to get to, but the surrounding neighborhood is worrisome.
  • Brighton Beach is alright, it's right next to Coney Island.
  • Manhattan Beach is further east than Brighton or Coney Island. It's harder to get to than the others.

Long Island beaches are further away and harder to get to without a car, but they're generally a lot nicer overall than city beaches. A lot of areas in Long Island close down after sunset, though. I'm not sure about rules or regulations for Jones Beach or other Nassau County Beaches. I know the parking lots are barricaded at night and the buses stop running after a certain point.

I've stayed on the beach at Fire Island before. Sleeping next to the water on the ocean side was one of the most tranquil experiences I've ever had. It's impeccably clean, the water is beautiful, the waves roar and crash, and the lodging I used is reasonable. You can get to the island by ferry (after Long Island Rail Road) or car. This would be awesome for a getaway type trip.

I know New Jersey has a lot of great beaches also, but other than that they're pretty far to the south I know next to nothing about getting to them. Would it be feasible for New Yorkers who might not drive to get to any of the nicer ones? This would also probably be better for an overnight stay with motel.

I'm also thinking May or later for this, the weather would be more predictable and it would allow for more planning and preparation time. The area gets a fair bit less tranquil during Spring Break, but that's my own particular peeve. Might not bother everyone else.
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Brooklyn, NY
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To me it really doesn’t matter what beach we go to, whether it’s in NY or NJ. With that being said, what do you think about this:

How about we plan something in the city somewhere everyone can get to, this will also be an introduction being that we will be meeting for the first time. Then we can do some shooting and also make plans for the beach trip, at least this way there would be some comfort level doing an all nighter with someone you just met. At the same time where not waiting two months to go out shooting.

Let me know what your thoughts are on that, either way I’m ready to go…

Brooklyn, NY
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I'm game.
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Saint Albans, NY
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Hey Vito, thanks for weighing in. I'm actually planning on putting something together much sooner, just looking for ideas here for the beach trip. Glad you and Giselle are down for this.
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I would very much like to do some sunset shooting and night shooting at some of the area beaches. I haven't been to the Rockaways and would love a guide/group for that! I spent most of my childhood at Coney Island and the Staten Island beaches. cool

As for NJ...I live like 5 minutes away from Sandy definitely need a car for that trek, it's really pretty there, but when the season begins I tend to avoid it like the plague because everyone from three states over comes out! Evenings might be better though, with all the daytime people leaving. I don't think they charge admission in the evenings either.

I'm not too down for staying overnight though, due to my schedule and recurring commitments. But I like the idea of an evening/sunset shoot and then trying some long exposure shots later at night. :)

P.S. I do have a large sedan and might be able to offer to pick some people up, but it's not in the best condition. Spent too much money on camera equipment. tongue

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P.S. Sandy Hook is home to Fort Hancock, coastal artillery defense location. There are a lot of old abandoned gun batteries out there that make for great subjects if you like that sort of thing. I've gone shooting there frequently and I'm even friends with one of the historians there.

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I'm up for it.....I like clouds and a little rain....
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