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January 3, 2013

How long have you been playing D&D? or new to D&D? What edition do you prefer to play? 4th ed., 3.5, other?

I have been playing D&D since second edition AD&D when I was almost too young to really understand the rules. I am well versed with 3.5 and 4th and I am even in the playtest for D&D NEXT.

What's your Favorite Book? (D&D related or not)

I would have to say the Hobbit. And yes I loved the movie that was released recently. I read it once a year and I never get tired of it.

How often would you prefer to play? monthly, weekly, daily, at night, on weekends

A weekly game would be lovely.

What's your favorite class to play? Wizards, Fighters, Rogues, Priests etc.

I have the most fun as a bard but I also love the Wizard. Bard is more fun though.

Have you ever been the Dungeon Master? Would you like to be a Dungeon Master?

I have been a DM for games since I was 13 when my cousin finally let me run. Since then I have been an almost dedicated DM. I love the crative process of making a grand and epic story for the players to fight their way through and I have yet to allow a player to die without it being an epic experience. I am not at all afraid of letting a player die but I am going to make it fun. And if you haven't gathered by now that I would like to be a DM I would like to make it clear that I would rather be a DM than a player.


I am a dedicated DM looking to run games in NYC. I just moved into the area from Boston recently and my dice and creativity are starting to gather dust.

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