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November 4, 2013

Have you ever had any psychic or intuitive training? If so, please describe.


Have you ever had an experience you couldn't rationalize and suspect might have been a psychic or paranormal event? If so, please describe.

I once played Ouija outside of my house and when I tried to leave, the spirit did not want to. I apologized and lifted my finger off to go back in my house. Within minutes, my dog was getting all upset and barking at the window facing my back yard. The yard was pitch black so there was nothing visible there. Later, when we were all sleeping, we were waken by a loud bang sound. It appeared that the very large and heavy Webster's Dictionary had fallen off the shelf and onto the floor. The next day, we went downstairs and saw that the large Cactus plant that was sitting on a table had also fallen and lay flat on the floor. This Cactus is like 6 ft tall and pretty wide. Lastly, our pitcher of water was found laying on the table with all the water spilled out. I believe this is all coming from me playing the ouija.

Would you describe yourself as being a skeptic, a psychic, or neither?

I'm not sure. I don't think I'm a skeptic because I believe that spirits live amongst us. I also feel spirits around me and everywhere. But I never got any confirmation on that. So to me, I'm not even sure if it is Spirit I feel, or is it just my imagination.

What would you like to learn the most in this field?

I would like to know what abilities I have so I can use them to help others. I would also like to know how to overcome my fear of spirits. I have never seen one, but I seem to sense them because I will feel uneasy or scared all of the sudden. Especially in hotels.

Is there something in your background or career that you believe is an added-value to this group? If so, what?

Not that I know of


Hi. My name is Linda. I have always had a curiosity for spirits and the "unknown". I have used the Ouija board a few times in the past and I think may have triggered something in my life.

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