Nostril and Possible Palate or Laryngeal Issues - Your advice appreciated!

From: Alicia
Sent on: Friday, November 8, 2013 12:12 PM
Hello, everyone! I have had trouble sending this out to our group prior. I'm trying again one more time.

Hello, everyone!

Our vet at Heart of Chelsea told us that 5-month-old Sheldon would probably need her very tiny nostrils lasered or cut open, and possibly some work on her palate (she seemed less definite about the palate, as there seems little way to diagnose this without sedation). Sheldon seems to get congestion stuck between her sinuses and throat, so she can be heard, occasionally, trying to clear it, with middling success. Dr. Padro recommended we see Dr. Andrew Kyles at Blue Pearl in Midtown.

My husband had very good experience at the Animal Medical Center a few years back, so we took Sheldon there for a diagnostic exam this past week first. They x-rayed Sheldon and found no blockage or herniation in her chest or lower throat, but they've agreed with the need to open the notstrils, and say that there is no way to see the palate or the laryngeal sacules on an x-ray. Therefore, it's possible that they would have to correct either of these "on the fly," while Sheldon is still under sedation, which opens this to much more extensive surgery and cost than the nostrils alone. Does anyone have experience with this, namely:

  • Diagnosis beyond external observation - Can it be definitively determined without use of x-rays or sedation? Can x-rays actually show palate structure? Is there an optimal age at which to do this surgery?
  • Vet and facility recommendations
  • Relative cost

Sheldon definitely has to force air in and out of at least one of her nostrils, and has been (unfortunately) given three courses of antibiotics "in case of" infection, thought any mucus has been clear thus far. She doesn't lose her breath/pass out, even when excited or running.

Sheldon's young, and hasn't gone under for anything yet. She is on the small side (just over 7 lbs), and is finally regulating on a rotating diet and smaller/more feedings, based on her early tendency to "inhale" her food and get indigestion following. We want her to have the strength to undergo surgery, but also don't want her to suffer too long with any issues associated with her nostrils and palate.

I'd be so grateful for anyone with this experience to share what they know. I'm trying to do as much research as possible, but having local advice would mean so much more. Thank you in advance for whatever you know!

Alicia, Richard and Sheldon

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