NYCC - General Information and Guidelines

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Roles & Responsibilities:
Organizer / Director - Manages leadership team and ensures quality of experience.
Membership Manager - Manages member list, recruiting, and promotion.
Treasurer - Manages PayPal account and all event fees.
Topic Curator - All NYCC members can volunteer to curate a topic. The curator is responsible for the curriculum (ensuring there enough events and that they are both suitable for the topic and a quality endeavor), and recruits and manages event managers to ensure the events are successful
Event Managers - All NYCC members can volunteer per event. Role is to manage all logistics of the event including the guest speaker, media, venue, travel plans food, fees, etc
Researchers - All team leaders support topic leader in research & event planning idea generation

-- Create Fun, Diverse & Engaging slate of Events that both celebrate specific cultures AND take advantage of NY
-- Recruit more active, contributing & consistent members
-- Recruit more leaders to manage and run activities
-- Create consistency and reliability in the programming and the organization

General Guidelines for Topics:
-- Each topic is approx 3-4 months
-- Each topic has a topic curator who is responsible for generating the curriculum
-- Each topic needs minimum 6 events
3+ Tuesday Evening Generated Events typically on a Tuesday evening (Lectures, Documentaries, etc)
3+ Floating Events in NY which can take place at any time (Restaurants, Museums, Venues, etc)

General Guidelines for Expenses:
-- There are no fees associated with being a member
-- Culture Club is not making a profit
-- Some events have an associated cost and some are free - this will be disclosed up front
-- For events that cost money, we will require everyone to pay upfront via pay-pal

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