New Meetup: TONIGHT: Dorkbot presents behind-the-scenes design of 5 Wits TOMB (Free!)

From: T.J. M.
Sent on: Tuesday, July 28, 2009 10:29 AM
Announcing a new Meetup for Nerd Fun - Boston!

What: TONIGHT: Dorkbot presents behind-the-scenes design of 5 Wits TOMB (Free!)

When: July 28,[masked]:00 PM

Where: (A location has not been chosen yet.)

Have you heard about 5 Wits interactive Egyptian themed electronic puzzle exploration called "The Tomb" across form the Regal Fenway theater? You find yourself trapped while investigating a cave-like tomb, and must solve four or five rooms of puzzles (such as the Tower of Hanoi) to "escape". Mysterious waterfalls appear, lights flash, and voices boom as you examine the walls for clues to solve the riddle of the room you are standing in.

... well, this month's Dorkbot July meeting features a behind-the-scenes tour of this amusement park experience! FREE! Matt Kahn and T.J. Maher explored this last Fall with Nerd Fun, and although it seemed geared to highschoolers and under at the time, we did find it interesting and had been wondering how everything was designed. It seems to have received some new updates...

And this all happens TONIGHT (Tuesday night).

Just spotted on Dorkbot's website:

"5 Wits? premier show, TOMB, is a 45-minute interactive adventure experience set in an incredibly realistic pharaoh?s tomb in an archaeological dig site in ancient Egypt.

"At the dorkbot meeting, you?ll have the chance to go through the TOMB and then hear from its designers and engineers about how they implemented the special effects and 'gags' you just experienced in the show. We?ll get to look behind the scenes and see details of the build process for one of our newest installations.

"Our presenter:

"Schulyer Towne is the in-house graphic and web designer for 5 Wits, Inc. He is a recognized expert in the art of speed lock picking (?locksport?) & is the Executive Editor for Non-Destructive Entry Magazine".

Where to Meet:
T.J. Maher was thinking of showing up at the Panera Bread at 201 Brookline Ave at 5:45 pm (it is there, right? That is what Google Maps says) to wait for people and grab a bite to eat. We can invade TOMB around 6:40 pm. I can pass out mini-MEETUP stickers that Amy Hughes -- who is an assistant organizer for Nerd Fun and Social Fun -- independently had designed and printed up, so other Nerd Fun MEETUP members can find our group. Thanks Amy for the roll of stickers! The check is in the mail.

About Dorkbot-Boston:

"dorkbot-boston is a monthly gathering of people doing strange things with electricity. Artists, designers, engineers, students, scientists, hackers and anyone else interested in the creative use of electricity are encouraged to attend. dorkbot meetings are free, family-friendly and open to the public. Bring your projects, in whatever state they are in, and bring 10 friends!

"This summer, dorkbot will present: hands-on workshops, outdoor hacking events (Breadboards and BBQ), tours of interactive entertainment venues, and internationally known tinkerers. To participate, please visit dorkbot-boston and join our mailing list."

About Schulyer Towne:

Schulyer Towne is also the Executive Editor of the magazine NDE (Non-Destructive Entry). [From his Editorial] "This is a magazine aimed at those already involved in the locksport world, or those who like to keep track of it. It is, specifically, about community and culture. I do not expect you to learn how to pick from us, we will not be covering the basic theory, or explaining how to bump. This magazine is for the passionate, for those who know names like Han Fey, Barry Wels and Marc Tobias. This magazine is for people who can locate Sneek, NL on a map. And know why it's important. And it's for everyone who, reading this paragraph, wants to know"... It seems to be about locksmithing hobbyists and engineering better locks, from what I could tell when I briefly reviewed it.

About Tomb:

"Ten years ago the tomb of a lost Pharaoh was discovered by an expert archeologist. The good professor went into the tomb and never came out. The sands of time covered any trace of the lost tomb...until now. We've recently rediscovered the entrance and we need your expertise. Please report for your instructions as soon as possible...and be prepared for anything!" Signed "Cavendish".

Tickets are usually $20.00. Tonight's walkthrough is FREE, with the makers of 5 Wits sponsoring Dorkbot's July meeting which Nerd Fun is crashing.

FAQ (Frequently Asked Questions) about 5 wits and Tomb:

... Basically, 5 wits appears to specialize in interactive exhibits where you have to use all of your five senses (wits) to solve puzzles.

What is this place?
"Located in the heart of Boston, 5W!TS is the company producing TOMB. Participants get to play the role of hero in their own adventure, as they are confronted with puzzles, challenges, twists, and traps to test their bodies and minds. Sharp eyes, good ears, and quick wits will be required for any chance of successfully completing your personal adventure!"

What is 5W!TS?
"5W!TS is the production company and the venue hosting TOMB and working on your next great adventure! Find our contact information here".

So what exactly does a TOMB explorer do?
"Your group is briefed by the Director, given flashlights, and makes your way to the Tomb entrance to try to discover a way in?Once inside, no one knows quite what will happen, but there are a few things you can be certain of: You?ll be using your mind and body to solve physical and mental challenges, working together as a team to progress through to the pharaoh?s burial chamber. Your choices matter in this hands-on adventure?no one said it would be easy, and there are consequences if you fail!"

Is TOMB physical?
"Yes, you will be walking through TOMB, on your feet, actively manipulating items in the TOMB. However, there is no crawling, climbing or jumping. TOMB is accessible to all".

Is it scary?
"5W!TS shows often have scary and intense moments, but this is no haunted house. The point of the show is not to scare?our focus is on the puzzle solving and team-work aspects of your adventure. There are certainly moments of darkness, loud noises, and other plot elements that may test your courage, but the scares are part of the plot! There is no gore or questionable/ adult content in any 5W!TS production".

Can you die?
"Well, Yes...and No! You cannot die in the literal sense, of course, but your group can ?die? within the storyline by not completing your tasks correctly or in time. Rumor has it that if you die, there is an alternate ending to the show...Death itself is an experience!"


"Take the Green Line to the Fenway stop. This requires taking the D-train, all others branch off one stop earlier in Kenmore square.

"Exit the T and cross over the tracks into the parking lot of the Landmark Center (you will see a big Bed, Bath & Beyond on your left). Walk around to the front side of the building, which faces Brookline Avenue. 5 Wits [TOMB] is directly across the street from the Best Buy and the Regal Fenway 13 movie theater".

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