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From: FAN Alliance
Sent on: Tuesday, March 20, 2007 8:35 PM
You now have the ability to email all members who subscribe to the group mailing list by emailing from the email account you used to register on meetup to [address removed]. Please put it in your address book. This is how meetup describes it. Please read carefully:


How does a mailing list work?

Every Meetup group is assigned a unique email address. For example, would get [address removed].

A group member sends a message to the group email address.

The message is emailed to everyone on the mailing list.

The message is archived in the Messages section of your group's site.

Why should my group use the mailing list?
Your Meetup Mailing List makes it easy for your members to stay in touch between Meetups.When members are more active, it?s likely more will show up at Meetups! Mailing lists can also make it easier to plan Meetups.

Aren't message boards enough?
Mailing lists are more flexible, easier to use, and encourage more discussion than message boards. With the mailing list, members can write a message right from their email, and they receive messages in email as well.

With message boards, members have to log on to the Meetup site and remember to check the message board. It's harder to use, which means that fewer people participate in discussions.

To make sure that all communication happens in one place, we suggest that Organizers turn off their message boards and use the mailing list (and archive) instead.

What's the difference between the Organizer's "email group" form and mailing lists?
(Answer stolen nearly verbatim from Hilary's great post )

The "email group" facility is only available to Organizer(s). It is a broadcast e-mail that is one-way. When members reply to it, it only goes to the organizer that sent the original message.

The mailing list is more democratic, allowing potentially all members of the group to send out emails to the entire group. If you've ever been part of an e-mail discussion group (like those found on yahoo) you'll know what a mailing list is like.

The other main difference is that the "email group" facility must be launched from the site. You would not have to visit the meetup site to use the mailing list.

Who can send messages to a mailing list?
Organizers control who can send messages to the mailing list. They can set it so:

OPEN: All members can send messages to the mailing list.

MODERATED: All members can use the mailing list, but Organizer(s) must approve messages first.

ORG-ONLY: Only the Organizer(s) can send messages.

Who receives messages sent to a mailing list?
Each member has control over whether they are subscribed to the mailing list. They can set their own mailing list options to:

ALL: From everyone, immediately

DIGEST: From everyone, daily digest (i.e., all messages from that day in one email)

ORG-ONLY: Only special announcements from Organizer(s)

To be clear: only members of the Meetup Group who have subscribed to the mailing list will receive these messages.

Can Organizers still send email to the whole group - even people who are not subscribed to the mailing list?
Of course! They can still use the "Email group" form on the site. And mailing lists offer another feature: Organizers can now send email to the whole group right from their email by adding "-announce" to the end of the mailing list address.

For example, if your group email address was [address removed], your special announcement email would be [address removed].

Only Organizers and Assistant Organizers can send email to this address.


Can I send a message to the mailing list from any email address?
No. You must use the email address you registered with Meetup. This is a security precaution to ensure that only group members can use the mailing list.

Can I send/receive attachments?
Yes, in most cases. You can send attachments that are up to 1MB in size.

If the Organizer set the mailing list to "moderated," attachments will not be sent.
If a member has his or her preferences set to "daily digest," he or she will not receive attachments.

NOTE: Attachments will not be archived on the site.

For Organizers, what's the difference between sending a message to the mailing list and sending a "special announcement"?
When Organizers send a message to the mailing list, only group members subscribed to the mailing list will get a copy of the message. Any replies to that message will be sent to the entire mailing list.

When Organizers send a "special announcement," the message will go to all group members. Any replies will be sent to the Organizer.


If I send a message to the mailing list or reply to a message from the mailing list, will everyone see my email address?
Yes. If you send to or reply to the mailing list, your full email address is displayed. If you want to keep your email address hidden, you can send a message to another member through the Meetup site.

Are mailing list messages archived?
Yes. Messages sent to the mailing list are archived in the Messages section of your group. Note that email addresses of the senders are not displayed in the archive.

Can I edit/delete messages in the archive?
Only the Organizer can delete messages in the archive.

Does Meetup do anything to prevent spam on mailing lists?

Only members of a Meetup group can send messages to a group's mailing list

New group members are restricted to 3 messages per day for their first 3 days of group membership

You can only send 25 messages per day

You can only send to 3 different group mailing lists per day

We also do a lot of behind-the-scenes stuff to stop spam and other nefarious behavior.

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