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The TEA Party - Thoughts From a Fellow Time Traveler

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The Tea Party;

"I like the idea of the Tea Party. When a citizen feels like he or she has a righteous grievance with their government and said government consistently dismisses and even systematically obstructs viable resolutions to mutually agreed-upon problems, it’s comforting to find that one is not alone in their discontent.
I recall during the “Dubya” years, after 9/11, looking for groups of reasonable people to protest the Iraq War and the Patriot Act, but all I could find were aimless masses of whiney Bush haters that could rarely if ever, truly articulate the issues that they were supposedly sooo concerned about.

Finding no actionable material on the left, I thought that surely there must be some wise, staunch, true conservatives who realize that powers like the Patriot Act, once given are rarely rescinded and who might pause at the spellbinding breadth of this legislation that could overcast our planet with infinite surveillance. I found most of them very much in support of a government that they had absolute faith in and in more than a few cases I was reminded that I could leave America if I didn’t like it and that right was bought for me by the blood of U.S. soldiers. It got pretty ugly sometimes and I was rarely able to get to the point that I liked George W. George in my opinion however, got a raw deal, but that’s another story.

This lack of concern and or focus everywhere then reminded me that a Tea Party would have been useful during Clinton’s allowance for the oil company mergers that reduced competition and drew up prices. The Tea Party could have helped fight against N.A.F.T.A. that brought us the $20.00 VCR, while losing us the manufacturing sector. The latter legislation sent our jobs overseas and allowed U.S. companies to employ foreigners at slave wages funneling profits to the top.

The Tea Party could have helped defend G.H.W. Bush when he raised taxes to be fiscally responsible and his own party disowned and helped to un-seat him. “No New Taxes,” got him elected and here’s the rub. When you don’t give billionaires what they want, they work to burn you, while the People seem to have an infinite tolerance for excuses, finger-pointing and fake outrage.

I would have most loved for the Tea Party to have existed during the Reagan years. Believers of the Don’t Tread on Me motto would have understood many of the South American countries’ struggles to cope under our administrations ceaseless endeavors to wrest control from those governments and advancing the principle that the wealthy earn the right to rule through that wealth and that obstruction to that ideology allows for limitless capital solutions. The Tea Party might have also wondered why Reagan was supporting Saddam Hussein. I remember the arguments they used and we the People, look really stupid for believing them then, knowing what we do now. Tea Partiers might have voiced a lot of opposition to giving weapons to Iran, a country we just never stop screwing with because some people with a lot of money insist on getting some of it of the backs of those people over there and could at any time just let it go, but they’re petulant rich pricks and they won’t until there’s no money left.
My first political memory is Jimmy Carter telling us we were in for it. I remember him telling us our reliance on foreign oil was a national security issue that was going to cause certain interests in this country to lead us into dishonor. He said we’d become overly self-interested, indulgent and focused on the quick buck. He said that every American should be helped by the government that they pay for, to reach their educational, vocational or professional goals, and a country that does this can have a lower tax rate because everyone earns more, more taxes are paid and then even the wealthy can get some tax relief because everyone can agree that 30% is too much. He said we were too involved in the affairs of other countries and not attending to a series of mounting issues that he warned would metastasize into the very situation we all see before us now; High un-employment, 30 years of stagnant wages and all of the material gains being made by the 0001% who are the investment class and largely profit from what amounts to foreign servitude and the American working poor.

Like I said though, I like the Tea Party, I just don’t know where the folks who make it up have been for the last 35 years and why their dissatisfaction doesn’t often extend into the past beyond 2008. It’s my opinion that Jimmy was right and we’re experiencing the result of a 40 year push towards plutocracy in America with Reagan’s backer’s belief that the wealthy are the ones who know what they’re doing and the rest of us should simply defer to them as one does his or her boss. Well I think that’s wrong and I think soldiers died to prevent us and others in the world from having to suffer the mismanagement we’ve now suffered. The baby boomers, many who started as hippies, eventually sold out, bought in and left the country to the trust fund kids who now run it and won’t be told, “No!”
It is my assertion that the Tea Party is a distraction device that the trust-funders are using and they’re perfectly happy that the CSA is only upset with the current constitutional scholar who allowed 1994 Republican health care to come to 2013 America. The timing of this group’s inception is too curious and its aims are in direct conflict with its member’s actual welfare, then again, to me that describes the Republican Party during the entirety of my life."

Colin F,
Free Man
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