Replying to All or an Individual's Email

From: Jennifer Gottfried, M.
Sent on: Tuesday, July 17, 2007 6:34 PM
Hello Fellow Travelers,

Please take note that when you reply to a message that was sent by "[address removed]" that you are replying to all of the members in that Meetup group, rather than the individual that sent you the original email. Hitting "reply" defaults to "All", in case you weren't aware.

We all get way too much junk mail that we have to sort through to find our personal emails, and this doesn't help. It takes a lot of time compounded for all of us to open each one to find out if it is an email we need to read, only to find out that it is a reply to one person that was sent to everyone. Again. And Again. And Again.

Please be extremely careful when replying to any and all emails. If you are not sure of the reply address, please take a moment to log back into the meetup site and respond directly to the person you are wanting to address. That will save all of us many moments reading all of the personal chatter between members.

Thank you for your consideration. We (as the members) really appreciate it.

Warmest Regards and Happy Travels!

Jennifer Gottfried
Ships and Trips Travel
[address removed]

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