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From: Ali
Sent on: Monday, April 2, 2012 1:55 PM

Hello everyone, I hope everyone is doing well. I just wanted to send out one email mentioning a few different things.

  • We have had several inquiries from potential members and even from not very active members who would like to be more active in meetups wondering about the age range of individuals at meetup members. Since this is not a question we ask members when they join we don't really have an accurate answer to give. If you don't mind answering this question anonymously I have set up a "What age range are you in?" poll under the More tab that can be seen from the home page. If you wouldn't mind answering that it would be appreciated by those folks that are curious.
  • Under the Discussion tab - Message Board - there is also an area for Restaurant Requests that I have placed a thread for anyone to feel free to suggest a place that they may be interested in going for our monthly dinners or even just some other special occassion. We have gone a lot of places but have had a lot of new members join along the way so  are always up to new suggestions or willing to go back to favorites.
  • We have a new Perk being offered by one of our members via Optimum Health and Wellness for a free Chiropractic exam and first adjustment. If you are interested in checking this out the information is on the left hand side of the page under Membership Perks.
  • We also have a Sponsor who is a Creative Memories Scrapbooking Consultant who is also offering a perk of free shipping and special discounts that vary depending upon the current catalog and her own specials that she offers as well. Be sure to check out her information under the Sponsors tab or the perks tab. The Sponsors tab has more detailed information about her and what she offers.
  • MeetUp offers an App for their website to help manage and keep track of what is happening with your Groups. So if you are using a mobile device that has the market it is a free app and while the app has its hiccups, it is a good way to allow you to update your status on the go if you find that you cannot make it to an event at the last minute. Or if you decide to attend something as well at the last minute and want to RSVP close to the starting time as well.
  • As a friendly reminder we would like to ask that if you have RSVP'd for a MeetUp and you find that your plans have changed or you decide to do something else, please take a moment to change your RSVP status so that we are not waiting for you. Most importantly, since the size of meetups has grown quite a bit we are having to make reservations quite frequently now and we do not want to be causing problems or making difficulties for the establishments of where we are going. Especially when they do not typically take reservations and have made an exception for us. When everyone doesn't show, or even several don't show, we don't look good as a group.
  • Don't forget that if you have suggestions for a MeetUp you can post a meetup yourself. If you have any questions about how please feel free to email us. Or if you have any questions in general, please don't hesitate to ask.

Have a great day everyone!  Ali


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