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From: Ali
Sent on: Sunday, March 10, 2013 12:20 PM

All members please know that if you feel like you are receiving too many emails or would like to control the types of emails & notifications you are receiving, you can control this under your account settings. Go to the account button on the top of the page, then select email and notifications. You can personalize these settings for any group you belong to on

Additionally, thank you everyone for your feedback on my latest email. I am sure some wonder why I don't just make the decision on my own and go with it but I have learned that when it comes to money and knowing how many people have different levels of involvement with this group I wanted to throw this out there for peoples input.

Just to be clear, I do agree and feel that only those interested and likely who participate with the group will be interested in contributing to the fees to run the site and I am perfectly fine with that. Even then I am okay if those active members cannot all contribute if their situation does not allow it at the time I may request it.

When I joined this group it was a smaller group where nearly everyone who was a member did participate. I will say that I would hope more members would like to become more active. My goal is not to have a larger than life group. It is to have an active group. That is what makes this a success and so much fun for everyone else involved. It would also be greatly appreciated when you say you are going to be at an event that if you change your mind or if something comes up to change your RSVP status so that we are not waiting for you. This is most important when it is anything that involves reservations like our monthly dinners. Please do not just go to the site and update the comments section. Change your RSVP status as well. Thank you.

I would like to ask though if anyone else would like to reply in regards to these subjects please do so directly to me via my profile email button. I do not want to overwhelm members with emails. We have plenty of emails generated from this group because of all of its activities and the discussions.

Take care & I hope you all have a happy a St. Patrick's Day, Ali


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