August meeting/ Attendance Poll feedback / September Poll coming up

From: RK
Sent on: Wednesday, July 11, 2012 12:54 PM

Hello Everyone,

I hope you're enjoying your summer reading.

The August book has been selected: Planet of Slums, by Mike Davis, and a meetup has been scheduled for August 28. You’re welcome to RSVP. It will likely be at the same venue as last time.

Some feedback from the Attendance Poll. There were 5 responses with 82% score for ‘schedule conflict’, and 58% score for ‘not liking the books selected’. One person wrote to say that they don't come because the apparent size of the group was too large for an effective discussion, and that they don't want to attend a discussion for a book they read but didn't like.

On the group size, often attendance is less than the RSVP count. For the last two meetings, we had 16 and 19 respectively, though the RSVP count was higher than 35 for each. (I update these figures after the meeting). What this means is that if you are on the waiting list, you can still attend but there's a RISK it may be crowded. The room cutoff is just an indicator of how many people the room can accommodate. We do try to break the group into two if it's above 25. That will be much easier at our new location starting September at the Reference Library, due to the large size of the room and the room divider. So if you’ve RSVP’d yes and you know you won’t be coming, updating your RSVP to NO helps others who want to attend.

In the past, we’ve done go-arounds asking how people rated the book and often the same people who rate the book poorly rate the discussion highly. And for many people, the whole point of the discussion is to consider aspects of the material they wouldn’t have thought of on their own.

As for the selection of books, it helps if you suggest books you like and make a convincing case for your suggestions. It’s tough to win a lottery without buying a ticket.

On that note, I’m going to be opening a poll for September a bit sooner than usual in order to give the librarian ample time to come up with books to present to us in the 5 minute presentation on new books. I’ll open the poll on Friday, so in the meantime, if you have any book suggestions please put them on the discussion board.




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