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Board Games with Scott is a weekly show where Scott Nicholson takes a board game, describes it, and lightly reviews it. Note that his reviews are not designed as a training video. He does not teach all of the rules - he just shows enough to help you decide if you want to buy the game.

Following are 13 of Scott's first videos found on YouTube. You can access the rest of his videos via his website @ Board Games with Scott.

Board Games with Scott 001 - Vegas Showdown @ 09:30

Board Games with Scott 002 - Hoopla @ 09:59
A party game.

Board Games with Scott 003 - Friedrich @ 12:30
A card driven hybrid Euro/wargame.

Board Games with Scott 004 - Adel Verflichtet / Hoity Toity @ 09:23
Adel Verflichtet, currently available in English as Hoity Toity, which is a classic Eurogame.

Board Games with Scott 005 - Heroscape @ 12:08
A commercially available miniatures battle game.

Board Games with Scott 006 - Mah Jong In Depth @ 22:59
Asian-style Mah Jong, purchasing a set, and compare Asian to American Mah Jong.

Board Games with Scott 007 - Lost Cities @ 10:45
Lost Cities is a great 2-player game. It was one of the first in the line of small box games for two. This explanation and review will teach you all you need to know to play this game.

Board Games with Scott 008 - Why Did the Chicken... @ 09:52
A party game. Fun game which will help you develop your sense of humor. Just watch out for suprises from the pun-weary!

Board Games with Scott 009 - Santiago @ 12:31
Santiago, which is a euro/light strategy game involving bidding, tile placement, and temporary cooperation to keep the water flowing!

Board Games with Scott 010 - Indonesia @ 33:50
A heavy strategy eurogame. It involves balancing production and delivery and dealing with mergers and acquisitions. This is a longer episode than normal - it's slightly over 30 minutes, but I wanted to fully explain the game.

Board Games with Scott 011 - Ticket to Ride @ 12:02
Ticket to Ride, which is an excellent game for people new to the world of modern board games. It's a game about collecting sets of cards and claiming train routes on the board.

Board Games with Scott 012 - Antike @ 24:14
This week's show is Antike, which is a relatively short (under 2 hours) empire building game about growing your empire, building troops, developing technologies, and then crushing your enemies!

Board Games with Scott 013 - Pizza Box Football @ 15:53
Pizza Box Football, a two-player football game focused on calling plays and rolling dice!

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