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Which venue do you prefer? Also what changes would you like to see happen for Nyeek?

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Hey dudes!

So in general always feel welcome to send any suggestions, comments, or questions you may have to me any time you want! I always want to know what your thoughts are on the boardgames nights.

The main question I have right now though is do you guys have any preference between our two locations? Those being Think Coffee and Amity Hall of course. The reason being is because I'm thinking about making the Monday board game nights the same location every week. It would make things easier on me in a couple of ways and make it easier for people to remember where we meet. If you have the time you can let me know by emailing me back or using the discussion board (link below.)


The other thing I was considering was finally implementing spotlight nights. The idea being certain weeks we would spotlight certain games. To be clear you could always play any games you wanted on all of the nights. In addition to the regular free for all though you could rely on trying out new games. The idea right now is there could be four different types of nights.

1. Gateway Night - Carcassonne, 7 Wonders, Settlers of Catan, Bohnaza, Dominion, Pandemic, Ra, Zooloretto, For Sale, Ticket To Ride... Games you played when you started playing boardgames. Easy to teach, but just enough depth to keep them interesting. A night where you can bring someone new to boardgames and hopefully make them see that your hobby isn't as weird as they think. This is actually the main spotlight I would like to try out!

2. Gamer's Games - After the gateway games, you got hooked to the heavier stuff. Power Grid, Puerto Rico, Arigcola, Battlestar Galactica, Dominant Species, Eclipse, Traders of Genoa. With games like these it's important to have someone who really knows the rules. You can be that person and at the same time hopefully get someone else to fall in love with one of your favorite games.

3. Party Games - Sometimes you just want to have fun! Saboteur, The Resistance, Dixit, Cards Against Humanity, Jungle Speed, Werewolf, Wits And Wagers, Ca$h N' Gun$. This is the one night I think may not be needed, because these games already pop up a lot. That having been said I think a night like this could just be a lot of fun.

4. Random Theme - Auction Night with Modern Art, Ra, and Amun Re? Zombie Night with Mall of Horror, Zombicide, and Last Night on Earth? Print and Play Night with your favorite free game? Traitor Night with games where you get to betray people? Once a month we pick a theme and run with it. This is one that I think might take the most planning to get together.

Anyways if I started to do something like this, I would need other people to help teach games. All you would have to do is choose a game, show up on the night and take the initiative to start a game. You could have players who already know the game playing, but ideally you would teach new people as well. You could teach just one game and then play other stuff afterwards or teach the game the entire night. It would totally be up to you! Anyways this email has already run on much longer than I wanted, so I'm cutting it off here! Feel free to use the same link above to tell me what you think about the spotlight ideas as well. Or any other idea that you have!

Oh, and if you've been to a lot of the events (even the ones hosted on Reddit) feel free to write a group review. Especially feel welcome to put down useful information for people new to the game nights! Link below if you feel so inclined.


Thomas Z.
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Hoboken, NJ
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I prefer Amity Hall.

Theme game nights are a great idea. I'd sign up for any of the 4 you mentioned.
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New York, NY
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Theme nights are fun, but require more careful management so you don't end up with people bringing 20 copies of the same filler game and nothing else :)
New York, NY
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Prefer Amity
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Astoria, NY
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Between, the two locations, I think Amity Hall is a better fit. They have more space and tables, which accommodates our growing group more easily. And they're open later.

As for the theme nights, I think they're all great ideas, and hope we get to do them. I'd be glad to help out any way I can
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I preferred Think for two reasons. The lighting is better and nobody has to yell to be heard.

I like all the ideas for the various nights. Whatever helps the thing go in the directions people prefer is good. The variation form night to night will help in learning what everybody is really into.
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