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Etiquette & Things-To-Know when RSVPing to any Meetup Event LEVV22

A former member
Post #: 197
"LGBFNJ: Today (2011.02.08) moved this thread to here­ " --see that instead of reading here.
The text here will likely soon be removed to insure that.

LEXIS0: My next post below I copy from our guidelines: Universal Rules & Guidelines for L2PG1L whenever it's updated there. Consequently

  • LEXISD: See it's update date to insure you've read the most recent version.
  • LEXISY: it applies to Meetup events of potentially any well-run group.
    (LEXIT7: ASIDE for organizers: So I will eventually make it say a http://LoveRules.Info...­ article; but in the meantime posting it here makes it easier for group members to comment on it.)
  • LEXITQ: it is mentioned in the Meetup event listing at the bottom. See for example this week's meeting.
    (LEXIU1: ASIDE for organizers: Before this it has been included inline to insure that everyone looks at it, but now is just a link-to-here in the event listing (starting with this week's meeting), as the former (1) creates a huge event listing which is a turn off probably even to first time viewers which is seemingly always hard to take in, (2) creates unnecessarily large Meetup-auto-event email as these details need not be included there as aren't important until the person is actually RSVPing which is done on the website, (3) harder to update (all upcoming events have to be updated if source is updated)

A former member
Post #: 199
Standard Meetup event directives L9BEZJ updated 20110112pst1600:

LEXE20: Please RSVP! and post helpful, supportive comments! smile­
LEXLUA: Beginner-level

  • LEXEGN: RSVP YES else MAYBE even if Meetup's “Who's coming?” list has 0 YES/MAYBE --there are likely others who might want to go, and your YES else MAYBE starts them doing MAYBE or YES! (for more reasons, see “How Meetup's “Who's coming?” list can mislead you into not coming.”)
  • LEXEH2: Especially for smaller events (fewer than 50 RSVPs) and/or repeating events where this is among the first time you're RSVPing, Please post honestly *Why* your coming or not, WHY your RSVP of NO or MAYBE or ideally even Why your RSVP of YES --phrased constructively (including giving the details & your careful thinking including, if something might not work, why it wouldn't work & what would make it work, so corrections can be efficiently made) and, where possible, pointing out the positives as
    • LEXEI8: “NO: As I HATE House Music, it makes my dancing shoes feel like they are stuck in quicksand, like I want to vomit, as I find unbelievably pretentious (as if only a loud beat (as off a Casio synthesizer placed on random) makes music! But in fact its melodies are extremely trivial and go no where so boring within seconds, so seemingly an insult to the term "music"). But I wish you the best. And for the future, here's the URL to my favorite dance tunes, which I'd LOVE to come hear: ...” or
    • LEXEIS: “MAYBE: Yes, I would love to, but only if I can carpool because of the distance; I'm in zip 92602(Irvine) and can be at the Starbucks at Irvine & Culver­ by 5:30pm” or
    • LEXEHP: “YES: I love the DJ! You guys rock!”
    --put this in your RSVP comment visible on the event page; your RSVP comments are your space for you to honestly & constructively share your interest in coming and, if NOish, then what WOULD work --and in much more just a NO|MAYBE|YES but most especially honestly Why including, if NOish, what then would fix it.
  • LEXEJ7: The event's actual hours are within the event description above typically the first things it says; DON'T go by the start time which the Meetup software displays if that doesn't match --2 key reasons why.
  • LEXEJP: Indicate in your RSVP comment (visible on the event page) what times & events you'll be there for especially if the event is more than an hour. Unless indicated, it's fine to come to just parts. Also if you'll be arriving late and/or leaving early, here in your RSVP is where to say when (as exactly as you know). Skip saying this only if you'll really be there for the whole event start-to-finish.
  • LEXEP0: To update your RSVP answer/comment, click “Change your mind about attending?”; after doing that, Meetup will again(!) ask you the organizers' private Qs; if you've already completely answered these AND no change is needed (you'll have to remember as unfortunately Meetup doesn't display what you last put), then you can skip answering them again (for instance, instead click “Meetups -> Upcoming” to RSVP to more events or click “Never mind” to go back to the event page).
  • LEXEMY: If Meetup does not allow you to RSVP or update your RSVP (because it's past Meetup's event start-time or RSVP-deadline) then RSVP by posting in the event's Talk section “I'll be there: (YES|NO|MAYBE): <and WHY & your comments>” (as you would in your normal RSVP).
    LEXP6S: be sure to also answer the event's special RSVP questions (which unfortunately you now won't be able to see so hopefully you can guess):
    • LEXENF: For the public questions (as What hours will you be there?) answer in that your Talk post. Then,
    • LEXENV: For the private questions (as What's your phone, email, real name?), in the event listing click on the 1st event host then click “Send email” and send your answers privately.
  • LEXELH: At the event, help your group find & gather members, aim to have the meet-up succeed even if the event listers can't be there or can't be found.
    • LEXEM0: Before leaving, take a careful look at or bring a printout of the “Who's coming?” list to help you find everyone.
    • LEXEMI: Volunteer to host! Post “I'LL HELP HOST! Find me there....” and ideally include your cell # in your post (if you format your cell 1-XXX-XXX-XXXX it will be hidden from non-members, and after the event you can delete that post to hide your cell #).
...continued in my next post:
A former member
Post #: 200
...continued from my prior post.

LEXLUV: Intermediate level

  • LEXEO9: Mostly communicate
    • LEXK6I: where anyone possibly interested can see/hear,
    • LEXK7Q: ideally in writing, but also
    • LEXK9T: where speakers & viewers can correct, clarify, update, & add points with minimal trouble to everyone
    LEXKCD: so DON'T use phone calls & messaging (emailing, & SMS/texting) except:
    • LEXKCW: to remind people to do that first communication method (as to post his/her reply) or
    • LEXKD6: when communicating via posts/conference can't be readily done (as while driving) or
    • LEXKDZ: it's truly a sensitive/more-private issue.
    LEXKEY: Why? 3 key reasons; most especially features #1 ("where anyone possibly interested can see/hear") & #2 ("in writing") are essential on Meetup (as Meetup makes it easy for members to visibly participate online (that is, "in writing"), indeed requires them to for at least joining & RSVPing, so every group's success is judged by if it's members frequently speak-up, starting first with many RSVPs of YES and RSVPs of MAYBE or NO explaining why but still positive)).
  • LEXG7U: Post in the appropriate places as even the Head Organizer can't move your post for you it's in the wrong place. Most notably for the common cases (as truly not a sensitive issue),
    • LEXHR6: Use the RSVP mechanism for your RSVP including give your reasons for attending or not & when in your RSVP comment else event Talk posts.
    • LEXHRI: For issues of <=500 characters (AND which you probably won't later need to correct, as here it's immediately emailed out)
      • LEXHVS: If it's just between two people, post a Greet on that person's profile.
        • LEXRYN: If it's something group related, post the Greet on the person's group profile
        • LEXRZG: if it's not specific to any one group (typically NOT what you want), post the Greet on the person's main Meetup profile (LEXRZZ: Note another Meetup bug: Meetup's "Reply" to greet posts the reply on the person's Main profile even if they posted it on your group profile, which virtually always NOT what you want; don't use "Reply" and instead ost directly on the person's group profile.).
        • LEXS5E: Note every Greet is immediately emailed to the person greeted.
        • LEXQXN: Common uses of greets are to ask someone special to: (1) join a group, or (2) even more commonly, give their RSVP for an event, or (3) even more commonly, complete some post they started (as "Complete your answer to your profile Q#2" or "Update ur RSVP why you're not coming" or "what you're MAYBE depends on" or "What hour range then you'll be there"). Among other benefits, this is very useful, to potentially everyone, to keep an organized record of what's been specially asked of you and everyone and ideally why: just look at the profile. However the proper reply to these is generally NOT to Greet or email back, specifically NOT to give the answers back via Greet or email as that's not where these answers belong (clearly these answers are NOT just for the person asking), but to complete or update the requested post (as RSVP or profile Qs) with the appropriate info which (on Meetup) only the answer can do.
      • LEXHYH: Else (if it potentially applies to multiple people/RSVPs) but if it's still specific to just this event (plus future & past ones if something simple), post as it as an event Talk. Note every Talk post is immediately emailed to everyone currently RSVPed YES or MAYBE.
    • LEXHYX: Everything else, post within an Discussion (creating a new one if one doesn't exist) AND THEN if it could especially-apply to a particular event(s) or person(s), also post a descriptive link to that post where it may apply via the appropriate method(s) above. Note discussion posts are easily updated & corrected (both additional posts added AND each can be edited) including they are NOT emailed and additions/updates are absolutely (& too) minimally disruptive to others (only links to which discussions have new posts emailed out at midnight (only once per day), and only to those who subscribe).

  • LEXEK4: Please carpool. --It's Green, helps u learn where attendees are, & often makes real friends.
    • LEXEKF: On the event page, include in ur RSVP comment else a Talk post "CARPOOL/RIDESHARE ANYONE? I'm in S.OC(Laguna Hills) El Toro&Paseo Starbucks & can give or take a ride." tailored to fit.
    • LEXEKV: Find & set up rides w/ ur carpool buddies. Periodically search the event page(s) (click the Venue to see repostings) for all potential attendees (as RSVPing YES/MAYBE) where your route and their route (their profile gives their city) do/could intersect reasonably (start by page-Search (Ctrl-F) for the words "Ride","Car",& "Share", then consider every potential attendee; if their departure location isn't displayed, their Meetup profile gives their city), and post a Talk "James & Ben, the Starbucks at El Toro&Paseo in Laguna Hills seems a good mtg location for us to carpool, and I cd be stopping there at ~5:30pm. Wanna carpool? What time to meet?". If u see those contacting you, post a similar Talk reply.
    • LEXEL8: If a carpool is arranged, insure ur carpool buddies have ur cell # (Meetup's Send Email can privately send stuff) else post "I'll be watching & replying to my Meetup email then (via my smartphone)".

  • LEXEPI: Questions? Situations? Table Reservations? Just post in your RSVP comment or in Talk below.”

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