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MS9E2F: Robotis, Inc of Irvine (as a venue for our Main meetings)

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MS9E3J: quoting­

Received: by with HTTP; Mon, 29 Jul 2013 16:39:07 -0700 (PDT)
From: Aaron Park <>
Date: Mon, 29 Jul 2013 16:39:07 -0700
Message-ID: <CAHPeNjtFUJqiLKF2OL5yYHzmSA_h8C1=CKK­>
Subject: Android + Robotis?
Hello Mr.Michael Benjamin,

How have you been? Did you enjoy your Bulgogi?

I am the guy who kindly (?) informed you about the Bulgogi selection at the
Assi Market.

I was wondering if you had a chance to check our website.

I am open to any of your suggestion or proposals for the possible
collaborations together as well. In fact, I'd like to visit your meeting
or you can visit us for some demonstration of our humanoid robots.
I will be looking forward to hearing from you soon.

Thank you

FYI, I will be out of town from August 3-7.
*Aaron Park*

IRVINE, CA 92618
O: 949.333.3635
F: 949.333.3634
Google: 650.ROBOTIS (650.762.6847)

LG 070: 8671.2492­

*2013 NEW RELEASE:* http://www.roboticstr...­

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MS9EP2: Good to hear from you, Aaron!

MS9GAJ: Our group follow the principle communicate-via-post wherever practical so your email reply is here: your new thread on our group for your venue, which I created for you. Note exact email addresses & phone #s are censored to still maintain privacy.

MS9EVR: Yes, with all the coding I do (plus promo email I get, especially as a community group leader), I get behind in my email. So thanks for your reminder call today (quote(+121..90 - Los Angeles, CA<br/>8/28/13 12:04 PM 2 hours ago 20 minutes long) ) of this email your email . I also found & fixed that computer problem I had finding your email: router was going slow, reboot fixed.

MS9FN8: Per your email & call, I'm delighted by your offer to host our OCAndroid Main Meetings at your venue Robotis. Yes our Main meetings are on 2nd Monday from ideally 6pm-10pm. Yes, per our call, as your venue is central (by Irvine Spectrum) and can hold up to 15 and meetings can go from 6pm-10pm, plus the commonality with Android & robots (including we had a few members doing robotics), that will work out great. Yes, we'll do you location for our next one (now 2013.09.09Mon): - I will update that listing just as soon as you join up (RSVP YES) on that listing (so we can keep you apprised on all the updates, talk on your venue, discussion on this your new venue thread, and more). Apply to our group so I can approve you and put you on this listing. Please do soon including so we can promote on our listing & emails your services plus any presentation you'd like to give.

MS9F36: FYI, this is also a robotics event we promoted (though only fully getting its details just hours before, then they didn't have another): last listing (as showing all occurrences) -note hosts (not us) only hosted 1st occurrence; those occurrences should link you to other leaders in the area doing kid robotics.

MS9F21: And yes joining us will also put you on Meetup (our intro) which will lead you to most all the local tech groups, including several additional groups (as Maker & Robotic groups) which will see synergy in your venue.

MS9F6Z: And yes the bulgogi was great and I was just planning to head back to that market for more.
MS9F7E: Last, you being a handsome successful local Korean guy, please don't hesitate to introduce me to local Korean gals you know looking for a quality guy; quite sincerely, for me, I find Korean ladies overall the most beautiful ...and I offer a tiny introduction reward.

MS9F77: Also our user leader Lucy whom you met with me there quite remembers you as well and she's pleased to hear from you and your offer, too.
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MSVG9N: Aarron joined meetup (PROFILE), then applied to join us (PROFILE) "August 28, 2013"; I then Meetup Greeted back (appears on his aforementioned profile) some things to fix on his app so I could approve him; it also looks like our Main Meeting (for which he offered his venue starting then) will move forward 1 month. But I have not seen any updates to his profile (he'd do­ to edit it) and indeed have not heard back from him at all, so now I'm SMSing him
Me to Aaron Park (21.) ...-..90 - mobile
9/9/13 12:11 PM 2 seconds ago

Me: Aaron, OCAndroid Main Mtg(to be at ur venue) sched for today tho likely moving; per my&Meetup's emails "Aug 28 (12 days ago)",we await ur profile updates & other posts as explained at­ .When do u expect u can do that? -Michael aka Destiny 12:11 PM

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MUL8YB: All I've heard back from Aaron is email

From: Aaron Park <>
Date: Mon, Sep 9, 2013 at 2:09 PM
Subject: Re: Android + Robotis?
To: DestinyArchitect <>
Cc: "" <>,

Hello Michael,

I just sent an email through meetup.

In fact, I still do not know what I need to do to complete your request.

It would be good if you could please contact me/call me. It seems that you are postponing this month's meetup due to a less participants than expected.

Please, confirm me whether you are still coming or not.
; plus his app he hasn't fixed/changed at all since, I've checked several times.

MUL90A: In response to this, I emailed him back right away, plus yesterday & today, SMSed, called 2x (2 vmails) and emailed him 2x; all in response to ­ (coming this Monday) will be held, as I recall he had said he wanted us to host at his venue. But so far haven't heard from him. Hope to hear from him soon, if not for this then for future meetings.
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MUMD09: As he said he would, Aaron called me just now, "10/13/13 11:03 AM ..[duration] 00:06:38"; he didn't have much time to talk as apparently he was boarding plane so we only talked for 6min. But :
MUMD3N: *He wasn't aware of reserving his venue for tomorrow (I recall he had, but anyway)
MUMD0K: *He said his venue would not be available to OCAndroid during periods when he was not there
MUMDV7: **So we couldn't do tomorrow --what I had SMSed him asking him, at "10:53 PM" and "10:54 PM" , replying to his 10:53 PM SMS, but he hadn't replied, so I again mentioned:
MUMDOW: ***Whereever possible, if we can communicate via writing, ideally via posting especially here, else via SMS or email, that's better than voice, as voice I or some other leader then has to transcribe here anyway including to share to the other leaders.
MUMD0T: *So he suggested this 2013.10.21Mon, which I said to reserve for us at least now for now as, especially counting on his venue, we may not now be able to get our usual venue in time for tomorrow.
MUMD7M: *I said all we need him to do before we meet at his venue is already in his email and/or posted here, just, arrange us to tour his venue and fix his profile (the latter which Meetup only allows him to do, though we can help), and anything he's stuck on he can SMS me on (preferred; just give the the URLs) else email else call me, and since it's coming up in just a week, we need this to be done ideally in a day or two.
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MUU23Y: On Monday, I visited & toured the venue. More details to come.
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MUU255: After the tour Monday evening, it occurred to me this could be possibly used for the upcoming OCPython meeting (preliminary heads up); more details to come, posted here.
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