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MKAB55: Our Meetup group's Basics: official URL, name, headline, description, what members called, location, logo, topics

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MKAB5D: created this thread modeling after my thread http://meetup.com/OC-...­ .

MJ71RH: This thread is to log & discuss ideally-all significant changes to this & why.

MJ79NW: This info is set by http://meetup.com/Ora...­ (archive) except topics set at http://meetup.com/Ora...­ (archive).

MKACB9: Until now, all settings before were almost-certainly done by founder Dan Stromburg.

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MKACCR: Group name
from q(Orange County, CA Python User Group (OCPUG))
to kinda matching that of http://Meetup.com/OCA...­ and http://Meetup.com/OC-...­ but not quite as emails come from this name:
to q(OC-Python: US.CA.Orange County's Python Community Group)
MKACOM: name put first as emails come from this address and get truncated.
MKACQJ: Name "OCPUG" is bad as it's very unclear, including "P" could also be PHP, Perl, or many other things.
MKACS2: "OC-Python" is much better and Googling for it still finds us; might be shorted to OCPython similar to http://Meetup.com/OCA...­
MKACU7: "Orange County, CA" placed in logical complete order "US.CA.Orange County"
MKACV9: "User" replaced with "Community" as broader & stronger.

MKACWZ: Location
MKACYY: fixed to match group name: from "US.92677" (Laguna Niguel), not the center of OC, to that matching say http://Meetup.com/OCA...­ (center of OC) US.92780

MKAD29: URL I plan to shorten from "Orange-County-CA-Python-User-Group­" to "OC-Python" or "OCPython" but since that's a fairly big change as far as links possibly breaking, do that later.

MKAD47: Group photo/logo:
MKAD5X: from http://meetup.com/Ora...­ to http://www.meetup.com...­

MKADWA: Looks good!

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MVI2PA: Per MKAD29 and success of http://Meetup.com/OCA...­ name, via http://www.meetup.com...­ , change URL root folder from "Orange-County-CA-Python-User-Group­" to "OCPython"
MVI2VW: save (as a URL change); get alert
Your Meetup Group's settings have been updated.
Your URL has been updated to: http://www.meetup.com...­

This change will not affect the email address used for your mailing list, ocpug-list@meetup.com. To change that, click here.
MVI38G: Do that; change mailing list prefix from "ocpug" to "OCPython", so now OCPython-list@Meetup.com ; get alert
Your Meetup Group's settings have been updated.
Your group's mailing list address has been changed. If you'd like, you can notify your members of the change.
MVI3EZ: As set to "email to group require approval" and we want to discourage emailing in favor of posting, skip notification for now.

MVI3I2: TODO: Group description, update from just
This group is intended to discuss the Python Programming Language in the Orange County, California area. Topics of discussion include but are not limited to use of the Python programming language, specific applications written in Python, Python-based Web Frameworks, alternative Python implementations, etc.
to something involving http://1.JotHere.com/...­ (or similar) but since JotHere's offline, postpone.
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