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Developing Score for People's Mic/Move Check

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Here's what we've decided on so far. This is an evolving process:

Using the people's mic as the starting score, the speaker speaks and moves at the same time, and the responders repeat the words and mimic the movement.

Repetition is good. Simple movement is also good so that anyone can participate.

We decided a uniform movement for 'Mic Check' will be helpful. We decided on a spectrum of Elena's jumpy thing (you'll see it soon if you haven't yet)

We also talked about doing our best to make this not look like a performance. We talked about how to space ourselves in crowds so that others will feel like participants and not spectators. Our mission is to create the opposite of a stage space.

We talked about three different uses for People's Mic/Move Check:

1. Guerrilla Class
Use Move check to give everyone around us a quick lesson on the fundamentals of improvisational movement. We hope to say things that will free people of their inhibitions and invite them to join us in moving. We each take turns teaching a 'mini lesson in this guerrilla class. People may work in pairs if they like to create their own "lesson" for the class. See the developing script below for more info...

2. The Cypher
Much like the Capoeria roda or the circle formed around breakdancers, we form a circle around whoever needs to speak

3. How do you move, how do you want to move
Using Move check as an exploration of the different oppressive and freed states that our bodies experience every day

Guerrilla Class working "script"

There’s no wrong way to move my body.
Every movement choice I make is the right one.

I was born in my body. I live in it every day.

I love my body. I trust my body to get me where I need to be.

I’m human, therefore I move.

I move, therefore I am.

Who decides what I want, who decides what I get?
Who decides what matters?

I’m free. My body is free.

I was given this body from birth. I must keep it to its best until I leave it.

I care for my body.

please contribute more thoughts to this!
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