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Jolie confirmed to start in Atlas Shrugged Movie

Plano, TX
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Angelina has been confirmed to play Dagney in the movie.
The article wasn't too kind too the book, but I find the last line to be hilarious:
"The film should do wonders for the sales of women's business suits. "

I do hope Brad Pitt is not cast as Galt or Reardon...there are so many more better choices.
A former member
Post #: 62
*does a happy dance*
Plano, TX
Post #: 248
I have the urge to go get a business suit just thinking about it.
(By business suit, I mean a new pair of sweat pants and t-shirt of course.)
Santiago V.
Dallas, TX
Post #: 124
Seems rather high-dollar if she's going to be in it.

I have expressed doubts but, here's to hoping its good.
Mesquite, TX
Post #: 32
Dagney with Botox? I don't think so. Jolie is too buxom (lips and other areas) to be Dagney. She definitely doesn't have the physique, or even the face, of a girl. She's a full-grown woman, top to bottom (not that I'm complaining....I liked her in "Taking Lives", although her acting skills are still at a developmental stage).
I just can't see Hank standing there, falling head over heels from the realization that this is the great Dagney Taggart and here she is in real life before him......while looking at the most magnificent face and body money can buy.
Why not Helen Hunt, or Jodie Foster? Those two have made their reputations playing rational, intelligent, productive women.

After all these years, I sure hope the producers aren't going Hollywood on us. Maybe that's the only way they can make the dollars work out. Oh, well.

I got a brainstorm the other day.....if people can make money putting together audio books, why not a video book? Do the whole thing, start to finish. How many hours would it be? "24" takes a whole season to show one day of real time. You could use unknown but talented actors, and the production would be vastly simpler from an artistic aspect, since you're going by the text of the novel, not a crammed-together script.
Is this a crazy idea?
You could promote it to BBC and PBS; and maybe get a grant from N.E.A. !!!!! biggrinwink
Plano, TX
Post #: 251
You could promote it to BBC and PBS; and maybe get a grant from N.E.A. !!!!! biggrinwink

That is funny.

Actually, I would love to see it as a mini series. But I will go see it. Even if Brad Pitt ends up being Galt. confused I am just tooo curious to see how it will turn out.
A former member
Post #: 2
I am happy to hear the movie is starting to cast, but we have heard it so many times before.......Also, would everyone please spell Dagny's name correctly? Since I named my daughter after her, I take special notice of this. I found the write-up in the original link to contain an interesting perspective.....I guess people who feel inferior, read this aspect into the theme of Atlas Shrugged. How sad for them!
Plano, TX
Post #: 255
OOOPS, sorry about that.
I have to constantly watch myself with Dagny's name. My best friend back home is named Dagne (named after Dagny no less. She says her father loved the book, but apparently couldn't spell her name right either.) She even pronounces it differently. Anyway, I am constantly typing Dagne, going back, erasing the e and replacing it with a y. I guess this time I just added it instead of replacing it. confused

I can understand how that can be very annoying. A lot of people here in TX don't know how to spell or pronounce my son's name. (When we moved here, he decided to just go by his middle name to avoid the hassle.) So, I can see where you would be a little irritated, especially since its on a site where people should know better.
Santiago V.
Dallas, TX
Post #: 127
You know, looking a bit into Jolie's...activities...

Probably the most ironic casting in a long time. She doesn't strike me much as anything close to a rational egoist; more of the opposite, in fact.


Miami Herald: Jolie Lands Dream Role Playing Dagny

That threw me for a loop after reading about her own activities. She struck me more as the quintessential altruist than someone who would be a big fan of Ayn Rand, enough so to "campaign" to get the role she got.

What say you guys? I don't know much except what I read about her personal life in about 15 minutes of searching. She struck me as pretty altruist but I'm not sure one would describe oneself as a fan of Ayn Rand's writings if you were.
Plano, TX
Post #: 256
I don't have the link for the article, but I remember reading a month or so back an article where she talks about how the book was about picking values and sticking with them. That we all have our own values and cannot let other people dictate values to us. That seemed to be something she really admired. Which is understandable.

Now, she just needs to learn the rest of it.....
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