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China's Fraudulent Claim to Power

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Every government must try to justify its power to its people--even the most murderous ones. For most of written history, in both the West and the East, it was the divine right of kings — and a dark ages of force and brutality that continue today in the Muslim world. Sparked by the renaissance in the West, the ideas of reason and capitalism — especially in America — showed what life was possible to man. In the last century, the ideas of Immanuel Kant and socialism gained dominance, and its Utopian socialist ends were used to justify the means of terror, firing squads, starvation, and concentration camps. As the ideas of communism fade in China, how does the communist government continue to try to justify its claim to power?

The following AP news report sheds some light on this:

Chinese Premier Wen Jiabao tried Sunday [December 26, 2010] to reassure the public about the government's ability to control inflation, a day after China raised interest rates amid worries that rising prices could hurt social stability.

Wen's remarks underscore the government's concerns about anger over inflation — an especially sensitive topic in a society where poor families spend up to half their incomes on food. Rising incomes have helped offset price hikes, but inflation undercuts economic gains that help support the ruling Communist Party's claim to power.

"I can tell everybody, the government has complete confidence in tiding over this difficult stage together with the masses," Wen said while taking questions from callers during a visit to China National Radio's offices, according to a report on the station's website. The callers were not identified by name.


But inflation is a monetary phenomenon, that is, an increase in the money supply, nothing more. Who is causing inflation of the Chinese currency in China? The ruling Communist Party. How does the ruling Communist Party justify its continued existence to the masses? By combating the inflation it is creating.

Like all frauds, it will end when the fraud is not believed anymore by its victims.
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