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Article in The New Individualist about Dr. Paul

Karen G.
Sulphur, OK
Post #: 14
The New Individualist has an article this month that makes me wonder if they are going for the sensationalism of Michael Moore. If so, they need to take lessons. The article is titled "The Abominable Dr. Paul".

I will not rewrite the article or debate the points. It is like debating a Michael Moore film. It reeks of innuendos and exaggerated what ifs. The final statement is "In fact, I'm thinking that perhaps it's high time for Texas voters to pull the good doctor's license." This writer could take some lessons from Pyth on how to write good humor, if, 'in fact', that was his attempt. The editor assured the readers that this article was not supposed to be humorous. Good thing. It wasn't. Nor was it realistic.

I am not a Ron Paul fanatic. But I do try to look at things logically. Can the president just up and Eliminate the IRS? (I wish!!) The Federal Reserve? Close all our bases throughout the world? Bring all our troops home? Does Anyone Think the president has this power without backing? Does Anyone Think Ron Paul will have the backing of either the Republicans OR the Democrats??

Realistically, the best Ron Paul has a chance at doing is Heading toward these goals with vetoes and votes. Even with FULL backing most presidents cannot even get One of their campaign goals accomplished. In fact they fall SO short that most cannot even remember where their campaign was heading, including themselves, which becomes more obvious the longer they are in office. This IS reality.

Ron Paul is heading in a direction - one that if he can stick to will bring us Closer to the ideals we cherish. If he can just vote with the Constitution as a guideline it will be more than most politicians I have seen in the last 50 years. Is there any other viable candidate??? At least when Michael Moore stages a smear he has an agenda, an (in his opinion) alternative. I am open to suggestions.

OK. End of rant.


PS: I sent this to TNI and the editor responded asking me to rewrite it as a letter to the editor. I did, and added the following as a personal note:

No problem :-)
In reality, I wrote this in the same vernacular I felt Steve's article was written. I liked the facts he presented, and all truth is welcome. I just feel he is dissing the only decent candidate with enough sarcasm that people reading it will want to throw up their hands and decide not to even bother voting. Is the point to create apathy? Hopelessness? Or does he have an agenda that will 'come out' next month? To me, by not endorsing something we have allowed our country to deteriorate to the point it is today. When we lynch our hope, we are helping socialism grow. There are many things (and candidates) that are not perfect and don't reflect exactly what we want, but any value towards freedom and away from socialism will get my public support. To me, the America I leave for my grandchildren is worth at least a vote. (If you want to ad this to my original letter you have my permission)

Edited to add the PS.
A former member
Post #: 159
Suddenly eliminate the IRS...bad idea.

Suddenly shutdown The Federal Reserve...bad idea.

Close all our bases worldwide...SUPER bad idea.

Bring all our troops home...EXTREMELY SUPER BAD IDEA.

Just exactly what ideas does this man have that are not just sensationlist and actually good and well thought through?

Now...if you are preparted for Global economic colapse...please, proceed with these ideas.

Dallas, TX
Post #: 36
Hey Jeff,

I don't think that a shift away from the IRS would be devastating. I don't think it would hurt to reintroduce the gold standard (something Rand supported). The economic ideals Paul advocates are interesting and to move in this direction is desperately necessary. I agree with you that Ron Paul's foreign policy is not logical.

Relative to our current political climate. The war is very unpopular, and it seems that most people want to bring the troops home. Politicians will try to balance our military needs with the political need to bring home troops. How this will be done has yet to be seen. And, as I hope you already know, I do not support any compromises between popular opinion and facing what must be done to protect our national security.

Just out of curiosity, who are you planing to vote for in 08?
Karen G.
Sulphur, OK
Post #: 15
Protecting National security is different than protecting private enterprise. I fully support aggressive measures when it comes to National Security. But when the government says "It's so, because I say so"... well, that impresses me... Not. I want proof that all of our military stationed throughout the world, all of the provisions in the patriot act, all of the homeland security sanctions are for National Security. Even an intelligent argument would be a start.

I don't think heading in the direction Ron Paul is advocating is a 'bad idea'. I am out of the loop as to if this discussion has already occurred, but please don't just say 'bad idea'. I felt patronized enough with the article I cited.

Intellectual discussion with the proper place of government addressed and scrutinized will woo me, bad attempts at dramatizations and cynic wit are demeaning. I thought TNI was above that and I was wrong. I want so much to write a rebuttal but it will be an endeavor into futility and a total waste of time - more so than voting *grins*

Is there a publication that is representative of the ideas of Objectivism?

Dallas, TX
Post #: 40
Hey Karen,

Do you have a link to the article so I can take a look?
A former member
Post #: 161
Rudy in 08.

Yea, the gold standard argument. Fine...great idea. Now...please tell me how you reinstitute that standard. I don't mean at a 50K foot level, I mean at the down and dirty detail level. I'm telling you is that it is NOT easy. It will have MASSIVE...NEGATIVE...IMPACT on the lives, finances and savings of millions of INDIVIDUALS. We will see a dead Ayn Rand elected President before we see a return to the gold standard.

I think chocolate is the most popular ice cream, should we send millions of gallons of Ben & Jerry's to Iraq? Remember we don't have mob rule here, we, unlike IRAN, actually are a REPUBLIC. The details of the situation require us to have troops there. Dr. Pauls wishful, French-like thinking, doesn't change those details.

Dallas, TX
Post #: 43
Hey Jeff,

You don't think I'm giving Paul a blank check of approval do you? Anyway, have you taken a look at the voting thread? I thought voting was at least somewhat important for republics. But apparently, voting is futile.

BTW..Are you joining us for New Years?
Karen G.
Sulphur, OK
Post #: 16
As of right now, the article is only available in the magazine. Anyone who wishes a copy can email me their name and address and I will get them a copy of TNI.


Update: I have just received permission to copy the article. I would be more than happy to email anyone interested in it a copy.
David V.
Shanghai, CN
Post #: 136
Santiago V.
Dallas, TX
Post #: 206
Check out my open letter to Ron Paul fans on the limitations of radical political candidates.


You obviously are unaware of the other reason to support (and even vote) for someone who has little or no chance in an election. Namely, as support for one candidate (ie Ron Paul) grows, other candidates shift their positions or take on new ones in order to "steal" votes away from him. This subtly shifts the politics of a particular race (and, if a noticeable amount* vote for him, later races as well) in a specific direction.

Keep that in mind before pooh-poohing Paulians.

Also, I question the validity of stating "a thousand more students motivated to spread rational ideas on liberty can change the world." While true, I would put the likelihood of any single 1,000 individuals doing that at about the same likelihood that Ron Paul would win the election. Nice bit of hyperbole, but it rings hollow to critical analysis.

*"Noticeable" here can be as few as a few % points, in a close race.
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