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Jenilee D.
Group Organizer
Mercer, PA
Post #: 3
Pick one

1.) Everyone brings in a bunch of games, people group off in small groups of 3-4 people and play the games of their choice


2.) Have just one game, and everyone plays that same game per meetup, and switch which game we play by vote prior to the meetups

I'm more in favor of option 2. I went to a meetup similar to option 1 in college a few years ago and didn't like how segmented it was. It was hard to break into any of the smaller groups as a new person and so i never went back. However, I'm sure both have their advantages. A campaign with 20 players would get out of hand, and most "board games" are only for a max of 4 to 6 players.

We could have a dedicated "board game night" where we set up a gaming night in the style of option 1. and rotate "board game night" and "dedicated game night" in and out. So week one could be pathfinder, week 2 board game night, week 3 wii bowling, week 4 lan party, week 5 board game night again, as an example.
A former member
Post #: 5
I like "dedicated game night" where we all choose the game for the night.

I'd love to play Dungeons and Dragons or Werewolf the Apocalypse/Vampire the Masquerade or videogames or anything like that. I'd love to once again have a dedicated group of friends to RP/game with! smile


Michelle S.
user 55609252
Twinsburg, OH
Post #: 2
I like the idea of rotating different night for different geekdoms. That will work if we have enough members interested in the different subjects. Perhaps it would be a good idea to have a meeting or two with random games and see how many are there and play it by ear.

I go to another group for knitters every other week. What makes that group work so well is that hte core few who started it are very friendly and welcoming. So when a new person comes in they feel that welcoming vibe and pass it on when more new people come along.

Playing board or card games could make it a bit difficult if someone isn't there at the start of the game. But if we waited till later in the meetings to start games there might not be enough time to finish them. these are just some thoughts I'm throwing out there. Perhaps we could do with another thread where members could list what games they could bring? or which version of d&D rules or other pen n paper RPG they like to play? or perhaps there is already a thread for that and i haven't found it.
Jenilee D.
Group Organizer
Mercer, PA
Post #: 16
There actually is such a thread :) under the pen and paper section of the forums (if you havent discovered it already)
A former member
Post #: 1
I've always had a fondness for huge, sprawling, epic campaigns. Perhaps we could do a variation on option 2, and have a single campaign that everyone who wants can play in, and split that down into different groups working towards individual goals, then bring everyone back together when they complete a goal and reassign teams for the next set of missions? We'd need several GMs to cooperate, though, and if there's anything worse than herding geeks it's herding GMs...
user 4569648
Chagrin Falls, OH
Post #: 1
Personally, I favor a combination - part of the time structured, followed by some free-for-all. No reason you can't do both in one day!
Pat N.
user 53028902
Akron, OH
Post #: 22
combination sounds good, btw, Im going to be hunting down copies of Munchkin as soon as Ive enough money to start buying the game expansions. Ive also got a game called nature of the beast and I have two expansions for it, so I ought to be able to include two people per expansion, allowing for a game about 4 players at a time. Might try to find the last expansion so I can have 6, but thats up in the air right now.
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