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Sports Photography questions

user 61762302
Cincinnati, OH
Post #: 7
My son's soccer team organization asked me to take action photos at at least one game for each team that I can sell prints online and the would post the link on flyers and on their website for me. Great advertisement. They can not guarantee any sales or pay me any money from the organization if I don't meet my suggestion requirement.

Does anyone have experience with this type of photography? Is it worth my time? Are their any tips you can give me?

Thank you for your help.
Jim R.
Cincinnati, OH
Post #: 1,215
Hi Krista. I shoot a ton of sports and have a lot of information I have put together on how to shoot sports. I will email it to you.

I am planning to do an all-day seminar on sports photography and I will invite you to it when I get it set up.

As far as the money-making side of it, my perspective is that you should do this if you would find it to be fun, but don't have too high expectations on making lots of money from it.

The best way to make money at events like this is to be able to show and sell the images immediately at the event, when the parents are captive and thinking about it. Doing this is very expensive and obviously not something you will be doing.

Experience has shown (and don't ask me how I know) that trying to sell these images online after the event has a pretty small return versus the significant number of hours you will be shooting.

You mentioned flyers. The best thing would be if the organization would pass out flyers to the parents of all teams at the event. That would get you the best return. I don't know if they have the money and resources (people to pass the flyers out) to do this or not.

Then there is the aspect of getting all those images processed and onto some site that you can sell from. I assume you have a SmugMug Pro account or something like it that allows you to show photos, sell prints and make some money off of them.

You should be pretty proficient and fast at editing photos in Lightroom or equal, as you will end up with many thousands of images and culling them, straightening them, cropping them etc. will take some time and effort. You can decide if you want to post the images before any of this is done, and tell the parents that you will do this after they purchase - but then of course the images as displayed will not have the impact they otherwise might have.

Another possibility that is easier and may have a better reward than doing action shots would be to do team photos. Just a few photos per team, its staged ahead of time, you can use flash/strobes as needed.

Sharley H.
user 12415565
Frankfort, KY
Post #: 308
Jim, please sign me up or let me know when you are having your class. If you don't mind sharing your information with me, I would love to have you email it to me. Thanks
Rod A.
Cincinnati, OH
Post #: 52
I think I've seen the document Jim is talking about and it's really good stuff. If you're looking for something else after that and while you're waiting for Jim's class, there's a book at the library called Fearless Photographer: Sports (The library catalog has the title merely as Sports) by Michael Skelps. It's a pretty good introduction to sports photography.
user 45449742
Hamilton, OH
Post #: 45
I also want to get in that s=clas jim lol
Jim R.
Cincinnati, OH
Post #: 1,224
OK - I now have the Sports Photography seminar scheduled for October 5. If you would like more information on this please contact me.
Matt Z.
Cincinnati, OH
Post #: 894
You're a great guy Jim!!
Florence, KY
Post #: 1,249
Jim.... is telling it like it is........ Sports shooting is a love first and a money maker second......
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