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I came on here to reply and it seems Matthew has said pretty much exactly what I was going to: I'm happy to pay if we move, but I don't see any need myself. And I haven't actually noticed the lighting as a problem- maybe I'm just more used to dark corners of pubs than some of you are :)
David O.
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Oxford, GB
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I also don't see any reason to move. I'm very happy at the Mitre and feel there is room to grow at the pub.
michael m.
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Didcot, GB
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my only major concern abou the mitre is that we can not reserve the tables and whaile they have mostley been free sevral times there has been groups of pepol in the small section right close to 7. I have also yet to fin a nice meal but that is a minor point
Oxford, GB
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I much prefer the Mitre as it is quiet and spacious, with room for growth. Since it is a tourist eating pub, I doubt if the bar areas will ever get overcrowded. Food/drink/ambiance are not an issue for me. Am happy to pay something for a better location but don't see the point of paying for the Function Room within the Mitre, unless it becomes much harder to get the tables we want.
Crewe, GB
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Personally, my only concern about the Mitre is indeed the fact that we might not always have the space we have now - especially in the summer, according to the manager, when they can get busloads (literally) of tourists and they might need the space for those people. However, I have also been informed in response to my polling question that Copa on George street has a free function room that will seat a lot of people and is used to Meetup groups. I'm planning to go and have a look as soon as I can (aiming for this Sunday afternoon/evening). If somebody wants to come along, let me know and we can work something out.

My main considerations for a good space are:

a) Exclusively available for us on Monday nights
b) Lighting
c) Volume levels from the surrounding area
d) Comfortable seating
e) Table space/Table quality (no wobbly tables or tables that are always sticky for instance)
e) Enough room for the people we have now and opportunity to grow
f) Locality (my aim is to stay in the town centre)

Additional considerations (and these are purely personal) are a nice selection of food and drink and ambiance. I would also prefer not to have to pay anything for a space, as it raises the barriers of accessibility.
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Oxford, GB
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I'm generally happier with The Mitre as a venue than The Kings Arms; there is more space, the lighting is much better (except when we were in the restaurant in week 1), it's quiet, there is room to grow, it's free, it's in the city centre, and I think if we can't use the downstairs area due to tourists or some other eventuality, we would be allowed to use the upstairs room for free - I would have to confirm this to be the case, but this is what I was led to believe by one of the duty managers. The only negative side for me is the lack of a decent range of drinks at the bar.

I am willing to try other venues, but am disinclined to pay more money when I feel the venue we have is adequate for our current needs. The more we pay, the less inclined 'fringe' members and newcomers will be to come.
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Personally I see a problem with the attandance. If we book a function room we'd need to be sure that a certain number of people show up every week. As for me, I would be willing to pay a bit more, but only on a pay-as-you-come basis.

I liked the Mitre a lot, it was by far less crowded and less noisy than the King's Arms. I think we had plenty of space there and even if we need to expand it's no problem if not everybody is sitting in the same corner. A game can only be played by a certain number of people anyway. Also the Mitre offered different table sizes. At the moment I wouldn't see any reason to move.
Terry O.
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Oxford, GB
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The Mitre was brilliant last week. We had five tables going which we could not really do at the King's Arms. Also the tables are much better. I too would be happy to stay where we are. However the insecurity is a concern. I suppose we could wait until it's a problem. I think it was a problem the first time we were there though.
Crewe, GB
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However the insecurity is a concern. I suppose we could wait until it's a problem. I think it was a problem the first time we were there though.

This is my current train of thought, which is why I want to check out the room at Copa and see what the conditions are. Having that as a back up option would be a good thing, as currently most people seem to be happy with going to the Mitre. I don't want it to become a problem and then end up not having the time finding a good solution. Since as things are going at the minute, I'm having to book myself in for free time at home.
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